Best Kotatsu Table Review in 2022 – Top 7 Picks

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Kotatsu is a Japanese term that refers to a unique table that helps people keep the lower half of their body warm with a space heater as they dine.

If you’re looking for the best Kotatsu table, this review can help you find the best one from the current market. 

Note: Picking the best one is not easy because not all models have the same features. To solve the issue, we have researched a lot to find some of the most popular and best-selling Kotatsu tables, so stay connected with us till the end. 

You’ll see each of their features, benefits, disadvantages, and more. After exploring all of them, make your final decision! 

7 Best Kotatsu Table Reviews 

Before exploring the complete reviews, let’s briefly look at the rundown section to save time and make a rapid decision!

  1. Azumaya KT-104US: A solid and affordable Kotatsu table for everyone.
  2. EMOOR Jacquard: Ready to support you for multiple activities. 
  3. AZUMAYA Folding table: a folding and durable Kotatsu table for long-term use. 
  4. AZUMAYA ELFI-901OAK: the best one for two people, and it comes with a 14-days return and 90-days warranty policy.
  5. UEIDIHI Kotatsu Table Set: the perfect pick for every use.
  6. YAMAZEN ESK-751: The truest heating table on the market.
  7. AZUMAYA KT-106: A simple table with a rectangular shape and made of natural wood.

1. Azumaya Kotatsu Heater Table KT-104US USA/Canada Home and Living

Let’s start the review with a custom-made and solid table that you can purchase at an affordable price range. The body is quite substantial due to the acacia natural solid wood. Such wood is known for its distinct natural wood beauty. The primary sources of these wood materials are Australian-native trees and shrubs. 

Ideal For USA and Canada: The Azumaya KT-104US is primarily suggested for use in the USA and Canada. So if you’re living in those areas, you can consider buying this one. 

Rectangular shape: The overall table looks primarily suitable with the rectangular shape, and round corner finishes tabletop and satin finish. The ideal size ( W41.3″ x D23.6″ x H15.0″) makes it suitable for your room and kitchen. 

Lightweight : Although the weight should be more as the size is not too small, the lightweight material makes the overall body (15kg) lightweight and easy to carry in your home. 

High Power: It comes with AC 110/120-voltage and 400-watt power. A handed temperature control knob and an on/off switch are also included to manage the table in a better way. 

Removable: The tabletop is entirely removable, and at the same time, you can quickly assemble all the parts that you’ll get in the pack when purchasing. 

Note: according to the manufacturer, every user should use the table on a flat floor for safety reasons as it’s an electric table. There is no futon comforter with the pack, and you will need to use your home existing one on the table. Don’t leave the table-turning on the switch when not in use.

Rapid-heating: The heating power is remarkable, and you don’t need to wait a minute to get the result. Wait up to 13-15 seconds after turning on the switch, and the table will start heating the object around you

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2. EMOOR Jacquard Boa Fleece Kotatsu Futon Comforter

The EMOOR Boa Fleece is a Kotatsu table with a Faton comforter for more convenience. This table can be used for multiple activities like playing video games, wasting time with coffee, talking with people, etc.

Valuable and portable: The compact body (75 “L x 75 “W) and the lightweight materials used in making the table play a significant role in making the table more valuable and portable. The price range is within your reach, and the design looks unique and a beloved inter tradition in Japan.

Feel Better: We love most about this particular Kotatsu table because you can nap with the smooth and comfortable Kotatsu Futon comforter. You’ll feel warm and comfortable at the same time to enjoy your nap for a long time.

Multiple Styles: The fluffy long-pile jacquard boa fleece Futon comforter is available in 4 cute and unique geometric styles with triangles and circles of smooth and clean colours. Here you can ask your mind to know which colour you like the most and finally, purchase one of them.

In addition to getting warm from the table, the jacquard boa fleece Futon comforter will also play a key role in keeping your body warm and fresh due to the Liner fabric materials made of natural or synthetic fibers.

Hand washable: Another great thing about the EMOOR Jacquard Boa Fleece Kotatsu table is it’s hand washable, meaning you can wash the Futon comforter when you notice there is some dirt in it. But make sure you dry it in the shade after washing.

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3. AZUMAYA Folding Legs Wooden Kotatsu Heater Table

The AZUNUYA Kotatsu is a folding leg wooden heater table that would be an ideal pick for you if you don’t have a coffee table yet and are looking for a new one to add to your empty room. 

Folding table: The body and design are almost identical to the first model in this review, but the colour is not the same. It’s a folding table, so you can fold it and assemble it anywhere you want by following the user manual guide. 

Idea Size: You’ll notice the opened body size is W36″ x D20″ x H14.5″ inches and the size with folding is W36″ x D20″ x H5″ inches. 

Requires a dedicated voltage converter: It comes with a 100 volt/300-watt heating unit. You must have to buy a dedicated voltage converter to use the table. The company itself suggests users purchase a converter from VCT, the 1000 watt version. 

Suitable for small space: One of the customers on Amazon said that the table is more significant than he expected from the photo, and he thinks that this is a bonus for him. The table will be suitable for your middle and small bedroom. 

Best For Reading: If you’re a student and read a lot, and want to keep your body warm, this option will be the best Kotatsu table for you to try! Since it’s a foldable table, you can store it away when you’re not using the table. 

Fast Heating Time: With the help of the voltage converter, you can also control and adjust the heater to be more relaxed and warmer. The heating time is quite fast. Turn off the heater when you feel it’s too warm and turn it on when it’s too cold. 

Note: this model only comes with a Kotatsu heating table. You’ll need to make a separate order to get a Futon Comforter.

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4. AZUMAYA ELFI-901OAK Folding Legs Kotatsu Heater Table

The four number pick of finding the best Kotatsu table is the AZUMAYA ELFI-901OAK that is also a folding table like the previously reviewed model on this list. 

Best For Two People: If you’re planning to purchase a Kotatsu table for two people to work, meet or read together, this model can help you a lot to meet all your requirements.

Let’s share an authentic experience from a customer on Amazon. He and his daughter used the table together with his laptop open and his daughter’s books available, and they managed the table well without having any space issues. 

Fast Heating: So it can be said that two people can easily enjoy a meal while sitting at the table. The heating element is also a rapid-action taker, meaning within a few moments, you’ll enjoy the heat from the table. 

One of the main drawbacks we have noticed when researching the product is the lack of information in the user manual you’ll get from the pack while buying. There are not enough images that you can follow to assemble the table. One more issue can be noticed that the guide is not in the English language. 

Easy to connect: the good news is that assembling the table is like a regular table, and you don’t need to call for an expert to complete the job!

Perfect Size: The size is the same as the previously reviewed model. It comes with AC 100-V and 300-W power with a handed Temperature Control Knob and an on/off switch for your convenience. You’ll need to use a voltage converter to use the table outside of Japan. 

Warranty: It comes with a 90-day warranty and a 14-days return policy (must be unopened with the original condition) which is good because if you do not love the quality, you’ll have a chance to get an exchange option by connecting them.

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5. UEIDIHI Kotatsu Table Set

The UEIDIHI Kotatsu is a table set that might be a great choice if you’re looking for the best Kotatsu table for laptop use, meaning you work a lot with your laptop and want to keep your body warm while working. 

Adjustable Settings: The table foot warmer is rated at 20W-600W, but you can adjust the setting according to your requirements. The warmer also comes with a fan motor inside that will massively allow the heat to be rapidly diminished under the friendly table. 

Balanced Table: This is a complete table set combined with a Japanese comforter, a rug, a coffee table, and a kotatsu heater under the table. The comforter size is slightly longer like 185cm*185CM/235*185CM, the heater size is 30cm*30cm*5cm, and the rug size is 200cm x 160cm. 

Hand washable: The soft and smooth comforter is hand washable. The ground side of the rug is non-skid. With the help of the four screws, you can simply connect the heater to your table without any extra effort. No technical knowledge is required!

Multi-uses: In addition to using this table for laptop use, you can also consider using the same table for other tasks!

Health Suitable: This table is good for health because when you place your legs or entire body in the heating furnace, the heat is transmitted evenly, enhancing your blood circulation.

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6. YAMAZEN ESK-751(B) Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table

The Yamazan ESK is a Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Tables currently marked as the most popular one on Amazon. It got over 700 customer reviews with 4.9 ratings. 

Long-lasting: To ensure you’re using the table with confidence, the body of the table is made of sturdy plastic. The cage around the heating element helps prevent your skin from unexpectedly touching the coils. 

Compact: The body size is 3/3 and about one and a half feet tall. But you’ll need to buy a larger table to use for more people to use. In that case, you can consider purchasing the AZUMAYA ELFI-901OAK.

Long-power cord: The table comes with a three-meter power cord to connect to your power outlet. But one thing to remember is that you’ll need to buy an additional converter as the table comes with a japane4s cord on the end of it. 

Adjustable Control: The temperature control system is adjustable, meaning you can adjust the temperature based on your needs. 

Easy to install: The installation process will be much easier if you follow the company-provided user manual, guiding the whole process by using images.

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7. AZUMAYA KT-106 Kotatsu Heater Table

The AZUMAYA KT-106 is a Japanese Kotatsu heater table with a rectangular shape. The solid natural wooden colour and high-quality built material will attract you to try this one at once!

Better Finish: The tabletop is finished with a round corner. It comes with a tabletop removal to ensure better use of a Kotatsu table. The ideal size will easily fit any room or location. 

Ideal Power For Heat: The standard power is included in the table heater, AC 100 voltage, and 300-watt, which is enough to heat the area quickly. The on/off button will help you control the heating power easily. 

But like other models on this list of the best Kotatsu tables, you may need to purchase a dedicated voltage converter to run the table with the heating feature if you’re from the US. 

Made of natural wood: The table is 100% natural wood and has a urethane coating finish. There is no need to use batteries with the table. If you’re a beginner, since the table does not come assembled, you’ll need to assemble the table yourself by following the instructions. 

The display size of the table is W35.5″ x D27.0″ x H16.2″ inches. The max loading on the tabletop is 20KG. It’s an originally Vietnam-made table that Azumaya Japan handles.

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Final Words: 

The best Kotatsu tables are not suitable for all weathers as they only work to heat under the table to keep your body and legs warm. If we look at the tradition, such tables are most popular in Japan. 

However, if you’re outside of Japan and want to use this type of table in your home, in some cases, you’ll need to use a voltage converter, and in some cases, you don’t need to use any converter.

It will depend on the model you pick. But one thing is always sure is that all the reviewed tables in this article are well-built and offer the best service. You need to use them properly with care as they are electric items. 

If you don’t want to invest a good amount of money on buying such a table, make sure you have checked the Azumaya KT-104US, and the EMOOR Jacquard is for multi-uses. 

The AZUMAYA Folding table is long-lasting and has a foldable capability. to make the buying process safe, look at the AZUMAYA ELFI-901OAK.

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