7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party!

best colorfull kubb game set

You Guy surely a Kubb Lover! Isn’t it?

Kubb Game, a trendy and funny outdoor game that suits perfectly from BBQ parties to marriage ceremony overall anywhere you want.

It makes your mind super fresh & empowers your logical sense. However, there are so many comparative kubb brands, all are not perfect.

In this Gaming chapter, we’ll be covering the 7 best kubb game set in 2019 to make your choice perfect.

Stay along and explore the fun!

7 Best Kubb Game Set: Uncovering the Unlimited Fun in 2019!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 1

I’ll tell you about some of the best kubb game choosing points today. The market is full of plenty of amazing choices and offers.

Let’s have a short talk about how you can pick a perfect one for your upcoming event.

1. Yard Game-Get the Premium Kubb Game Set with the Maximum Quality!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 27 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 3Kubb Yard Game is always fun and cheers! Isn’t it?

The proudly manufacturer “Yard Game” produced so many yard products but the kubb game set is unique and ultra-specified.

It comes with versatile design and slight finishing. All of the materials come with a standard size that suits on any purpose. Specifically, the king is 12*3*3 on overall figure whereas all the blocks cover the range of 6*2.3*2.3

The tossing dowel is handy and light weight and perfect in size that ensures comfortability.

You know an ultra-protective carry bag is available with it that helps you to bear it easily from anywhere you need. However, you aim for bbq or parties this pick should be your first choice.

What we like most

  • Shock absorbant capability
  • Easier to handle
  • No age limit
  • Versatile design and affordability
  • No place restrictions. Anywhere you can play
  • Comparitivel y easiwr to install

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2. Rally& Roar Kubb Yard Game-Exploring the Interactivity!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 47 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 5

Point to keep in mind: This kubb game set comes with versatile uses whether for tournament or classic but perfect.

Rally & Roar placed higher position in the comparison of the best kubb yard games in 2019. However, it’s durable materials and ultra-useful design ensures long-lasting uses.

Moreover, its rich painted king, blocks, tossing dowel all are just amazing. The size for each part of the set is standard and capable of working on multi-types of field.

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3. Kubb Empire- Enjoy The High-quality Performance!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 67 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 7

If you are outing or gonna have a barbeque party with your family and friends, the Kubb Empire can be your best comrade to make your day more entertaining and diverting.

This Tournament size set is crafted from heavy, high-quality hardwood. It is basically made from very durable rubber-wood. You can play with it in the sand, sun and even in snow.

This Kubb empire tournament edition premium hardwood set is probably the most rated and worthy set ever. It comes with an instruction card for the new players to get familiar with the tactics, skill, and strategy.

It also offers a bottle opener and a compatible backpack with it. The consumer accepts this set very cordially. Kubb Empire will surely satisfy you with the price also.

What we like most

  • Perfect for all ages
  • Durable and reasonable in price
  • Comes with an amazing bag and bottle opener
  • Can be played anywhere
  • Exceptional design

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4. Yards games- Giving Extra Fun!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 87 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 3

Here I am presenting you another beautifully crafted and standard size kubb set. This set is very useful for this game played from the Viking era.

This set is made of shock-absorbent and quite durable hardwood. The hardwood is basically made of rubberwood. Rubberwood is a perfect choice because it won’t chip.

It is perfect for many special events like a family reunion, wedding or any kinds of gatherings.

The yard game kubb set is versatile designed with perfect size. The king is 12”×3”×3” and the block is 6”×2.3”×2.3”.

It offers an amazing zip-up tote bag which makes it more worthy to the consumers. If you are going to have any kinds of gathering or events recently, take this set in your bag. It will help you to beatific your time.

What we like most                 

  • Perfect for all age group
  • Zip-up tote bag
  • Made of durable and shock-absorbent wood
  • Shock absorbent capability

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5. Kubb Empire- Standard Edition Premium Hardwood Set!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 107 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 11

If you are looking for a dedicated and compatible kubb set, then this Kubb Empire Standard Edition Premium Hardwood Set can fulfill your requirements fantastically.

It has got top ratings from the consumers in many marketplaces. So, if you want a kubb game set, just go for it.

If you are new and don’t know how to play this, no worries. This set comes with a laminated instructions card. It will guide you to the game.

It is made of the most reliable Hardwood which is durable and shock-absorbent as well. You can play with it in any places.

As the kubb game sets require heavy made of, it is a problem to carry. Considering the problem, the Kubb Empire offers an amazing backpack to the customer. Besides they are also giving away a bottle opener with the set.

What we like most

  • Dedicated and compatible
  • Top rated
  • Reasonable price
  • No age limit

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6. Triumph Kubb Viking Chess-The More You Play, The More You Gain!

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 127 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 13

Kubb, also known as ‘Vikings Chess’ is one of the most favorite outdoor games in Europe. It combines Horseshoes and Bowling. It can be played by all age’s people.

There are so many kubb sets out there. But this set can increase your level of happiness even more with its tremendous and exceptional performance. If you are interested in outdoor games then it could be perfect for you.

The biggest advantage of this is that it is relatively lighter than many other kubb sets. It is only 9.59 pounds. It Includes 4 corner pegs, 1 king kubb, 6 tossing dowels and 10 Kubb blocks in the set. All of them are fully made of kiln-dried hardwood.

The kubb block size is 10 6″ x 2.75”, Kubb tossing dowels is 1.5″ x 12″ and Kubb king size is 12″ x 3.5″.

What we like most

  • Tremendous and exceptional performance
  • Lighter and compatible
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable and versatile design

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7. Amish-Made Deluxe Ash Hardwood Kubb Game Set

7 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 147 Best Kubb Game Set to Get for Your Next Backyard Party! 15

If you are looking for the best kubb set with amazing built quality, Amish-Made Deluxe Ash Hardwood Kubb Game set can be your easy and actual choice.

The Kubb, Boundary Stakes and Throwing Batons are made of Ashwood and the kubb King is of Hard Maple wood. The Hard maple and ash woods are the best for the kubb but they are not available.

Cheaper sets are made by glued together with some pieces. But the Amish only use solid woods. That’s why their kubb game is more compatible and well-performing.

Their kubb game’s size is also perfect. They follow the official size of U.S. National Kubb Championship.

The king-size is 10”×3¼ “ the Batons size are ×11 7/8” × 1 ¾ “.  Sit includes 10 kubbs, 4 boundary stakes, 6 batons, and 1 king.

What we like most

  • Perfect in size
  • Well performing
  • Durable and affordable

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Choosing the Best Kubb Set

If you don’t have any previous idea about choosing or buying a kubb set, then for sure everything available in the market will sound the same to you.

So, let’s known about some internal points that give you a trained eye that is able to differentiate the slight difference easily.

The Material of Kubb Sets

Most of the kubb game sets will be made of woods. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages connected with each type that you need to know well about. Let’s know about each one below.

The first material is softwood. This is absolutely very cheap and anybody can afford it. However, this one is quite open to wear and tear. There will be easy damaging happening. It’s very poor to resistant properties. So, there is no chance of leaving it in rain.

Then there is hardwood made kubb sets. Now, these are very tough and sturdy. So basically, the price is also higher than any other type.

Any kubbs or batons made from hardwood will stay with you for a very long time. It can easily withstand any circumstances including tough weathers. Even with heavy price, it’s definitely the most recommended option.

The very last option for the material is rubberwood. This is basically a composite option that has softwood reinforced with the river. These are better than the softwood kubbs however one should get them for indoor yards.

Coats & Colors

I know, the material will sound the main point of the testing sturdiness of kubb games. However, you should also have a look at the coating and paint quality of the sets.

This will probably add an extra layer of security no matter what quality material the game has. So, make sure to check if the game is well painted and coated, what type of color is used and other significant parts.


You need to be careful and decisive about the size and dimension of the set pieces also. See what sizes the kubbs, batons, and kings are available.

You can choose any size according to your preference and needs. However, for tournament-style leisure find events, you can follow the below size requirements.

  • Get king with 8 x 8 x 25 cm or 9 x 9 x 30 cm dimension options.
  • 7 x 7 x 15 cm is the measurement for kubbs.
  • Batons should be 30 cm long and 4.4 cm in diameter.
  • The kubb court should be exactly 8 x 5 meters according to the official rule for the game.

Getting Extras

You should always consider buying some extra accessories for a fun game. There should be stuff like mid-court stakes, rope, corner stake and many more items for supposing rectangle shape.

There might be a few sets available that already include these. However, if they don’t, you should think about getting them separately.

Want more yard game ideas then you can read this article named 23 giant yard games ideas.


What is the origin of this game?

-It is also known as ‘Viking Chess’. It is originated in Sweden.

Can I play in the snow with this?

–Yes, you can.

Do they include instructions with the set?  

-Yes, they do.

Can we play on the artificial grass?

-Yes, you can.


So, that’s how you can buy yourself the best kubb game set and enjoy the fun at the fullest. Don’t mind spending a bit more if the quality of the game sounds promising.

However also avoid spending too much, you probably would not be using it every day, most probably once or twice.

Finally, have a fun time in your backyard with your family and squad.