Best Porcelain Rv Toilet To Buy in 2022!

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This kind of toilet is not only limited to offer the best performance to the older travelers, but it’s ideal for the kids who might have a problem holding it on that desolate stretch of highway.

With all these things in mind, here I’ve shared a list of the well-quality Porcelain Rv toilet. Each of these products is currently the best selling item on the market at a very affordable price range.

The Five Best Porcelain RV Toilet

Nowadays, the Porcelain RV Toilets are designed by different companies from China, USA, so finding the right one might be a challenging part for you. But no worry, I’ve found such durable and most popular items after a hard-researching from amazon!

1. EAGO TB351 Dual Flush: It has dual flash system and is considered the best one for small space.
2. Johnson Pumps – 80-47229-01: A hygienic and reliable model for RV toilet.
3. Johnson Pumps 80-47435-01: An extensive model with all the advanced features.
4. EAGO TB352 Ultra Low Single Flush: A hassle-free option that let people install it themselves.
5. EAGO WD101 Round Modern Wall Mount: An Eco-Friendly and lightweight porcelain RV toilet.

1. EAGO TB351 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet

With a nice contemporary style, this EAGO Tb351 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly RV Toilet is a well-made Toilet that gives better performance.

Compact: The main reason that might have made you choose this well-known model is a small size, which is only 26 inches deep. So if you have a small bathroom on your vehicle and are searching for a toilet that will be fit for your small space, then there are no additional options without it.

Dual flush: People love the dual flush features, it will give you a long-lasting performance without any extra hassle. The installation process for this particular model is quite simple. 

Secured: Installation is a bit different from the American toilet. To make this process simple and very understandable, it has a separate adding durable pip that is completely secured to the floor and mates with the closet flange.

This EAGO Tb351 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly RV Toilet also has a specially made pipe that is inserted into a flanged pipe on the adding pipe. 

Clear User Manual: To install the toilet well, you should follow the user-manual that you’ll get when purchasing the toilet because there you’ll get the right steps to install the whole thing easily.

Let’s come to the design part of the Dual Flush, in a word, it’s so simple yet so genius, one button for completely liquid waste and another one is for solid waste.

Included an Extraordinary smooth closing toilet seat as well as a lid. Comes with a strong and efficient three-inch flushing valve. This best selling porcelain made RV toilet will help you reduce the number of issues generally created with older ball-chain-flapper mechanisms.

Wide Water Surface: There is a big surface area that will keep odors down and allow for simple cleaning.

Balanced Water Distribution: you can manage your optimal balance between a proper exit velocity and increased diameter.

Additional Details:

  • Manufactured by Alfi Trade Inc, total weight only about 92 pounds and 26.63 x 15.13 x 26.63 inches dimensions. Designed with contemporary style! 
  • Made of pure porcelain.
  • Floor mounted installation method.
  • 1.6 gallons per flush water consumption.
  • Dual type flush toilets.
  • Top handle
What We Like:
What We Dislike:

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because this is what you are actually looking for, Yes: it’s made of porcelain.
  • Because it’s a small size RV toilet that fits your small space.

2. Johnson Pumps - 80-47229-01

Let’s move to the second-best porcelain RV toilet that is the Johnson Pumps-80-47229-01, if you are not satisfied with my first pick, this one will help you!

Corrosion-resistant: This is called one of the best and compact manual marine toilets made of white vitreous porcelain corrosion-resistant parts throughout. Ergonomically created for those who don’t have enough money to buy an expensive one!

Long-time: The durable materials and well-design make the toilet long-lasting for small use. It features a hand-managed piston pump that can be mounted for right and left-hand use.

Clean design: I can’t tell you enough about the design section of the toilet, just look at the toilet and feel. Most people like the design, but this one is not only limited for its clean design, it’s a complete pack that combined with professional design and high-performance working capacity. 

Its AquaT is far from ordinary and is very easy to clean, it’s an ideal toilet for any marine toilet room.

Additional Details:

  • Brand: Johnson Pumps
  • Dimensions : 17 x 17 x 20 inches.
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Weight: 26 Pounds
  • Shape: Oblong
What We Like:
What We Dislike:

Why Should You Buy It? 

  • Because this is a compact manual marine RV toilet designed and made of pure Porcelain materials.
  • Because it’s a mid-range product

3. Johnson Pumps 80-47435-01

Although it’s a bit pricey, however, I love its fine finish and remarkable design. So if you are looking for an expensive yet remarkable toilet for your vehicle, then without any doubt this Johnson Pumps 80-47435-10 item would be the ideal option!

Corrosion-resistant: Pure white vitreous porcelain is its material with corrosion-resistant parts throughout. The easy installation process will help you to make your own setup. 

There are a lot of options out there, however, this  Johnson Pumps 80-47435-10 is built well and one press of the button and your toilet is flushed.

Electrical toilet: The bowl is a little bit short and an economical choice of the electrical toilet. This kind of marine toilet is a great option for almost any marine toilet room and vehicle.

It works perfectly but one thing you might need to know that when you flush so much water comes out you get a light spray back. So make sure the lid is down before flushing.

Additional Details:

  • Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 16 inches
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Brand: Johnson Pumps
  • Shape: Oblong
What We Like:
What We Dislike:

Why Should You Buy It? 

  • Because you must love the design of the toilet.
  • Because it’s hygienic.

4. EAGO TB352 Ultra Low Single Flush

As the four number pick of finding the best porcelain Rv toilet, I’ve found this Eago TB352 Ultra-Low single flush toilet for better performance and extra comfort.

Even I can’t skip this item if you choose another one from the list. In a word, you should love the sturdiness of the flushing lever that is all steel, and instead of the plastic levers which a lot of companies are using currently.

Easy to install: Anyone can set up their toilet themself even if they are new to doing this because it comes with installation instructions, not only that, properly following the manual, you can set it up better than an expert.

European stylish: Including a wax ring that goes at the bottom position of the toilet. You’ll enjoy its pure sleek strong European stylish eye-catching design. This user-friendly toilet not only offers an eye-catching design than your old toilet, but it also works a whole lot better.

Siphonic flush system: Features an American ultra-low 1.6/0.8 gallon flush, we can also see that this toilet offers some extra features like a Siphonic flush system, tower-based mechanism, and more.

There is no extra hassle, yes, I’m talking about the chain to snap and there is no flapper to partially close leaving your toilet running. Completely glazed inside and outside.

It’s trap ways are well glazed as they are on the outer surface of a big 2-inch completely glazed trap.  Completely glazing its trap process ensures that waste flows softly to the exit with a simple flush every time.

Balanced: What a balanced water distribution feature it has. The primary goal of this porcelain Rv toilet is to maintain your optimal balance between an improved diameter and perfect exit velocity.

Additional Details:

  • Manufacturer: EAGO
  • Weight: 124 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29.88 x 19.63 x 22.25 inches
  • Size: 3
  • Color: White
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Water Consumption: 1.6
What We Like:
What We Dislike:

Why Should You Buy It? 

  • Because it’s designed with European style
  • Smoothly waste flows

5. EAGO WD101 Round Modern Wall Mount

I love this final piece of the best EAGO WD101 Round least wall mount Rv toilet for its five years limited warranty on parts against staining of the glaze, and not only that but this toilet also offers a 1-year warranty on flushing systems and complete toilet seat.

Eco-Friendly: In the current market, this EAGO WD101 Round toilet is known as one of the best and Eco-Friendly Rv toilets at a reasonable price range. It has a full 1.6-gallon tank flush.

Dual flush mechanism: This stylish wall high-quality mounted ceramic toilet looks so simple yet so genius, it can be easily installed at the highest of your comes with a dual flush mechanism.

Wall-mounted system: You have to install the toilet by following the wall-mounted system. Normally it doesn’t take a lot of time, all you need to do is just follow your user-manual that you will get with the product.

Lightweight: The weight is only about 46 pounds that means it’s a lightweight toilet but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong enough. Made of porcelain and oblong shape.

Additional Details:

  • Brand: Alfi Trade Inc.
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 x 14.13 x 13 inches
  • Color: White
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Finish: White
What We Like:
What We Dislike:

Why Should You Buy It? 

  • Because it offers a five years limited warranty.
  • Because it has a little bit of a unique design.

Buying Guide For The Best Porcelain Rv Toilet:

We can’t live without evacuating, we also know that this is an important thing that needs to be done every day. Different in the case of a home, but what if you decide to go on a long drive or traveling everywhere else by your vehicle? 

Then, of course, you have to set up your own toilet in your vehicle carefully, and this is where you need a recreational vehicle (Rv) toilet.

There are lots of recreational vehicles out there to buy and use, but which one is suitable and most affordable you might not be sure, if not, follow the list that I’ve already shown at the top of the review!

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll try to highlight some of the key things and points that you may need to know when you decide to buy an Rv toilet. Before choosing one, first, let’s tell me how many toilets would you like to add to your vehicle? Let me help you with that!

If you have a big size vehicle and one toilet is not enough for your family members, you might want to add one more, in this case, you may appreciate a macerator Rv toilet as a second unit. 

The benefits of these kinds of toilets are they don’t need to be positioned above the waste holding tank, effluent is pumped through a sanitation hose to the tank up 50 feet away.

Limited Space: There is not much space for a bathroom in the Vehicle. To use a toilet in your limited space, before you buy an Rv toilet, make sure you’ve selected a toilet that is small, compact, and fits with your space.

Traveling For A Long Periods: If you plan for a long period of travel without the likelihood of periodically discharging your waste tank, you may need extra consideration to ensure your consolation.

Travel To Remote Places: Both a cassette and a portable toilet can be used even if you’re likely to be away from sources of electrical power or water for long times.

Budget: Well, this is the most asked thing, The budget of an Rv toilet will depend on the quality of the toilet, however, a standard price range should be for an Rv toilet is $150-$300.

Installation: Your installation process of the toilet seat can be done yourself if you have the proper knowledge of setting up the whole thing. However, I’ll suggest you hire an expert from your local market. They will make the set up good and organized.

Repair: As usually a good Rv toilet does not damage for a long time if you take care of the toilet carefully in your vehicle. However, it might be damaged for some reasons. you can repair it for free If the product has a warranty. But in the case of non-warranty toilets, you have to call a local mechanic and repair it.


At the end of the review of the best porcelain Rv toilet, I’d like to tell you that finding a toilet seat for your home is simple and nothing complex. However, when it comes to buying an Rv toilet that is made of porcelain, it can be a challenging part.

So make sure you select the right one from the list because today I’ve covered a total of the five best selling and most popular Rv toilets for travelers like you! 

We suggest buying the Johnson Pumps – 80-47229-01 as it’s ergonomically designed, and the EAGO TB351 Dual Flush is for thoes who are looking for an solidly made and eco-friendly toilet for their RV car.

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