Best Remote Control Cars for sand reviews 2022

Miniatures are very popular among the kids of the present age. As this is a technology-based generation, kids become fascinated by lively things from the very moment of their birth. They prefer moving toys to stable ones. That’s why kids love remote-operated cars more than simple hand-operated cars. Besides, kids like a lot to play on the sand and beach places.

Because of these reasons, the best remote control car for sand can be a great gift item as well as a fun toy for kids.

Top 6 Best Remote Control Cars For Sand

Here are the best 6 remote control cars that you can check out and think of buying any of these.

1. SainSmart Jr. RC Car Boat Amphibious Remote Control Stunt 360° Rotating Vehicle Water Land Transform Tank for Kids, 1:16 Scale Waterproof Truck 2.4Ghz

This RC car boat is an amphibious remote control car as well as a boat that is manufactured by SainSmart Jr. It will come with an eye-catching design and beautiful color. This car can be an outstanding item for a children’s gift as well.


  • 2-in-1: It works as not only a car but also a boat. Hence, whether it is a sandy or watery land, it will go faster. Kids can run this car for stunt purposes as well.
  • Dimension: This amazing car has a length, width, and height of 8.6×7.6×4.5 inches. Besides, it has an all-sided turning capacity too.
  • Measure: It is a toy masterpiece of 1:16 scale. It is just perfect for off-road activities. Thus, kids as well as adults can also have fun with this RC car.
  • Battery: This car has a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery included in it. With a totally charged battery, it will go up to twenty minutes on the sandy lands.

Water-resistant: This RC car is made with advanced rubber and necessary materials. Thus, it is highly resistant to water.

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Why you should buy this?

  • It is the best remote control car for the beach.
  • Also, on different grounds, it will give an exceptional performance.

This amphibious car is a fantastic selection for kids of 8 to 18 years old. But surely anyone will have great fun with this RC car.

2. SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Remote Control Car Trucks Vehicle 2.4GHz 4WD Powerful 1:18 Racing Climbing Cars Radio Electric Rock Crawler Buggy Hobby Toy for Kids Gift-Blue

This gorgeous truck-like model of RC toy car is manufactured by SZJJX. It is a four-wheel-drive 2.4GHz toy car that is crafted for off-road activities. Thus, it will go on the grounds like bumpy, muddy, rough, or sand.


  • Material: This toy truck is manufactured with strong PVC material and rubber. That’s why it can adjust itself to a variety of terrain.
  • Scale and dimension: This RC toy is a 1:18 scale miniature of a giant truck. It has a length, width, and height of 5.9×6.2×11 inches.
  • Purposes: It is specially made for running on different types of roads. Thus, kids can have a lot of fun running this car on any sandy grounds.
  • Wheel: It is a four-wheel operated car that can go an average speed of 15 km/h. Also, with its fully charged battery, it can run up to twenty minutes.

Controller: You can operate this car from 60-100 meters away with its powerful controller. You can also play with several toy-cars at a similar time.

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Why you should buy this

  • A perfect choice for sandy ground.
  • Its rubber tires are adjustable to different terrain.

This RC car is very popular with kids. They can have fun with friends and family playing with this car. A user manual will come with this item as well.

3. YEZI 1:18 Scale Large RC Cars 46km/h+ Speed, 2.4Ghz All Terrain Waterproof Remote Control Truck, 4x4 Electric Rapidly Off-Road Car for Kids Boys and Adults

This one is an absolutely perfect remote control car for sand as well as off-road activities. It is beautifully manufactured by the prominent company YEZI. This is a 3.3-pound giant remote control car with a dimension of length, width, and height of 11.34×11.18×6.06 inches.


  • Battery: This car will reach with two batteries that are rechargeable. Thus, you can start to play just after you got it in your hand.
  • Speed: This amazing 1:18 scale RC toy car will go up to 46 km/h. Besides, it has a radio controller system of 2.4 GHz.
  • Terrain: This car is made with qualitative material so that it can go on any kind of terrain. Thus, it will be a great selection for playing on the sand.
  • Run Time: This RC car has a fantastic running capability. With its fully-charged powerful batteries, it will go around 30-40 minutes.

Controller: This toy car can be operated from a long distance because of its strong controller. It is easily operable as well.

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Why you should buy this?

  • Not only kids but also adults can have fun by playing with this RC car.
  • It will give an amazing performance on different terrains.

This metal and plastic-based car looks realistic and gives long-lasting performance. Also, it is safe for kids of eight years and more.

4. LUKAT Remote Control Car, 1:20 Off-Road RC Racing Car 26+ Km/h High-Speed Electric Monster 4x4 Waterproof Toy Vehicle Truck 2.4Ghz Radio Controlled Car Gift for Adults and Kids, Hobbyist Grade

This is a 1:20 scale giant truck-modeled remote control toy car that is made by LUKAT. This 2.01 pounds toy is recommended for kids of 14 years and more. Additionally, it will come with a dimension of 10.51×8.15×4.92 inches.


  • Running speed: This remote control toy has a running speed of around 26 km/h. With the totally charged battery, it will go up to 20 minutes on any land.
  • Battery: A fantastic quality lithium-ion battery is included in this car. You can recharge this battery within sixty minutes only.
  • Durability: This car is made with qualitative toy-grade material. It is not only durable but also resistant to water as well as shock.
  • Controller: This car has an automated and powerful controller. Thus, you can operate this toy at a distance of 60 to 80 meters away and from every angle.

Suspension: This amazing car has a greater suspension quality. Therefore, you can operate this for stunt purposes as well as off-road.

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Why you should buy this?

  • It is an outstanding toy for beginners.
  • This car is the best rc car for sand.

This car is so amazing that you can choose this to make your kids happy. Kids will love this car without any doubt.

5. Electric Race RC Stunt Car, Double Sided 360°Flips Rotating Vehicle

If you’re looking for a fully-functional RC car for your kids, then this electric race RC stunt car will be a perfect option for you to buy. The multi-functional features make the car more attractive and popular.

Made from soft material that is environment ABS plastic, non-toxic, and tasteless. You can buy it for your boys and girls, and your kids can learn hand-eye coordination, control ability, and a sense of space.

The high strong and powerful components offer you realistic racing and a well-balanced off-road game experience.

360-degree Rotating Stunt: it offers a variety of features such as double sides running, turning left, right, moving forward, backward, 360 degrees tumbling flip for different playing experience.

Power Switch: the power switch is in the front of the car that will help you to turn on and off the car more convenient. It also has a bright LED drive light, so you can easily drive the car at night time.

Durable: Anti-Skid Tires: it allows high-speed and better flexibility because it has an anti-crash durable fire design that fit outdoor and indoor, equipped with flexible wheels.

Cool Controller Operation: You can move forward by pushing the right control sticks to the left and the left control sticks to up the car. 

Push the right control sticks to right and the left control sticks down to move the car backward.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because it allows you to drive the car smoothly with a soft tire.
  • Because you can buy it by spending a bit of money.
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6. FREE TO FLY Remote Control Car

If you list some well-designed and simple to use RC cars for sand, you may want to add this one to the top of your list, because it’s a multifunctional car that is designed with a unique look that lets it simple to complete 360 degree spins around.

The Free to fly RC car offers you a waterproof design because it’s equipped with a waterproof rubber ring that safe the inner accessory of the car.

So if you want to run the car on the sand as well as water, it’s super easy for you to get a great driving experience with this low budget model.

It uses 2.4GHz remote range technology with a responsive transmitter that allows more than 60 meters of car controlling range. The 2.4GHz anti-interference control frequency also allows too many RC boats to drive together at the same time.

The Li-Po battery power of the car is 6V/400mAH which is rechargeable and requires only 2 hours for full charging, but the playtime is not too much, you can just run it for 20 minutes.

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  1. Question: How much time is necessary to recharge the battery of these RC cars?

Answer: The recharging time of the battery depends on two things. The first is the quality and the second is the durability of the battery. Usually, a newly arrived qualitative lithium-ion battery will take around one hour to be fully charged. After using the toy frequently, the same battery will take much time to be fully powered. However, it will take a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 4 hours on average to recharge the battery of the RC cars. Also, you can purchase an additional battery if you need it. 

  1. Question: How long the batteries of the RC cars last?

Answer: In general, the batteries of the remote control cars last around 15 to 40 minutes. A newly arrived remote control car with a powerful battery will run up to 40 minutes when it is completely charged. On the other hand, an RC car will go around 15-20 minutes with its full-powered battery that is of good quality. Still, this running time can vary a little bit. It will depend on the ground where you are running this toy car.

  1. Question: How to solve problems with the RC cars?

Answer: Probably you won’t have to face any problem with these remote control cars. But if you face any hassle, you can take help from the user manual that will be included in the package. You can easily solve any problem by following those manuals. In the case of further disturbances, you can contact the sellers as well.

  1. Question: Are these remote control cars good for little kids?

Answer: Not really. Because little kids won’t be able to handle these cars properly. These cars can be dangerous for children as well.

Therefore, all of these remote control cars are made and recommended for the kids of 8 years old and above.

  1. Question: Which type of ground will be perfect for these remote control cars?

Answer: All of these remote control cars are the best remote control car for sand. In addition to sand, you can drive these cars on different terrain. Such as- muddy roads, slippery grounds, beaches, rough paths, etc. You can operate these cars easily as well as these are very flexible. Also, these cars are highly resistant to water and quake.

Considerations before buying a remote control car for sand

Every toy car is not perfect for running on sandy ground. So, it is required to consider some specifics before purchasing a remote control car for sand.

  • Category: RC cars can be of two categories. One is for on-road purposes, and the other is for off-road purposes. As you are in search of the best remote control car for sand, you should choose a toy car that is made for running on the off-roads.
  • Car model: There are different models of toy cars. It can be like a car model, a truck model, or even a bus-model. You have to think carefully about which model is preferable before you go for buying the best rc car for sand.
  • Measure: A remote control car can be measured from a 1:5 to 1:18 scale. The bigger the measure, the better the service. Hence, an RC car with a bigger scale will go amazingly on the sandy ground than a smaller one.
  • Variety of price: Every pricey thing is not supposed to be good. But the price has a value of giving a better quality and service. Thus, you will get a fantastic car if your budget is higher. Instead, you can go for an average RC car if your budget is a bit tight.
  • Source of power: You can start running an electric RC car just after recharging the battery. A rechargeable RC car won’t go faster as it is less powerful. Instead, an RC car with nitro fuel will be very strong and go wilder. Also, it will be a bit expensive than the rechargeable one.

The above-mentioned points are the most essentials among a lot of things that need to be considered. Hope these will assist you to get the best remote control car for beach.

A huge number of RC cars are available in the market. But every toy is not good for kids. Searching for the safe and perfect remote control toy is not only a time-consuming but also a problematic matter. Therefore, this review will help you to find the best remote control car for sand. Your kids will love any of these toy cars for sure.

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