Best Shower Mat For Tile Floor To Buy in April 2022 !

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Shower mat, A must-have and helpful thing for your tile flow, but have you ever asked yourself which is the best shower mat for tile flow in the current market? Maybe not!


A good shower mat can reduce the chance of your slipping on a wet surface. So it’s more important to find out the perfect one for your tile floor that works 100% okay.

Here in this comprehensive review, with a little bit of buying guide, I’ve found some of the best and well-built shower mats that you can use on your tile floor.

1. BOWERBIRD Original Anti-Fatigue: The overall best model as it considered an Ideal for most shower stall bases.
2. VINTEK Peanut Tile Viny: It’s a flexible enough and can be rolled.
3. PCP Non-Slip Shower Safety Mat: A safe and well-designed mat for your tile floor.
4. SONGZIMING 2 Pack Pebble Bathtub Mat: It’s a smooth and slip-resistant surface designed mat.
5. Huji Drain Away Slip-Resistant Shower Mat: It’s a solidly designed mat that you can clean using your washing machine.
6. SereneLife Bamboo Wood: It’s lightweight and made from 100% natural bamboo.

1. BOWERBIRD Original Anti-Fatigue Shower Stall Mat

The Bowerbird original anti-fatigue shower stall mat is the first pick of choosing the best shower mat for your tile floor because this is the only solution that will give you more comfort with safety.

Compared to other mats, if you have a square shower stall, it will quickly add to your stall stability. If it does move, the shower wall holds it in place well.

It feels very safe compared to others, and the thickness not only supplies a cushion. It’s exceptionally lightweight and stiff, so it can stand on edge in the shower and dry when not in use.

Your morning will be started without heel pain from taking a shower. That’s why this one is one of the best and highly recommended shower mat from the experts.

Features and Benefits: 

The Bowerbird original anti-fatigue shower mat comes with many features that help you get the most out of the mat.

Softness: Designed and created from high-quality density foamed material, the made quality makes the mat more durable and soft because once you step on the mat, you’ll never go back to other hard and cold ones.

Multihole Drain Design: the Bowerbird original anti-fatigue shower mat looks very wall and ideal for most shower stall bases.

Eco-Friendly: the whole closed-cell structure makes the item non-absorbent and thus prevents bacteria and mold growth. It’s also BPA, phthalate, and latex-free.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because the mat does not slide appreciably when one foot is on the pad.
  • Because it’s more affordable compared to others.

2. VINTEK Peanut Tile Vinyl

If you search for the most extensive and highly slip-resistant shower mat for your tile floor, the VINTEK Peanut Tile Vinyl would be the perfect choice for you. 

flexibleThese are the more flexible and smooth, perfect accessory to any indoor or outdoor area. However, these mats work great in wet or slippery conditions.

FashionableThe novel appearance and the most fashionable style make the entire mat look professional. These modular interlocking drainage tiles are an open-grid design that supports ultimate water drainage as well as airflow.

Moreover, the open design surface supports liquid drainage and keeps air circulating to increase evaporation. In addition to this feature, the peanut-like-looking soft-grip surface is also safe and useful.

Non-slip: These mats are non-slip and can prevent slip and also fall accidents. They are about 5/16 inches thick and raise the foot traffic above wet areas. Comfortable to walk barefoot without shoes while keeping your walkway dry.

Lightweight: The Size of every single tile is 12/12 inches, and the weight is about 0.90ib. They are easy to install. All you need to do is snap together the interlocking tabs and make a custom configuration on site.

Multi-tasks: You can cut them with a utility knife to compromise corners, curves, pipes, and seat posts. You can also assemble them for storage. Each of the tiles is flexible enough to roll up without taking them apart as well.

Less maintenance: After you set up, you may need very little maintenance, and they can withstand a lot of different conditions. All the tiles are made of 100% plastic PVC, and they are moisture.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because they are reliable and affordable too.
  • Because these tiles are made of 100% flexible plastic PVC material.

3. PCP Non-Slip Shower Safety Mat

As the three number pick on the list of the best shower mat for tile floor, I’ve found this PCP Non-Slip Shower Safety Mat that ensures you a 100% non-slip walking experience.

Well-performance: Comes with more security, stability, and the most comfortable grip on the shower and tub floors. 

Reliable: This is one of the safest shower mats that comes with a reliable slip resistance with a cushioned, balanced feel underfoot. 

non-skid design: The non-skid design of the mat resisted movement underfoot to offer to prevent falls and develop traction on wet, slick surfaces.

Durable clearIt’s made with durable clear vinyl that can be efficiently cleaning and unobtrusive decor to fit any style of bathroom and tile designs. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Because it’s one of the safest shower mats that fit with any tile floor.
  • Because it’s made of allergen-free vinyl.

4. SONGZIMING 2 Pack Pebble Bathtub Mat

The Songziming 2 pack pebble is the best shower mat for your tile floor with a 100% non-slip feature. 

Soft: It’s quite a soft but slip-resistant surface design. The ideal Size makes it perfect for your tile floor. It was made of quality PVC, no peculiar smell, and durable. 

Adjustable: You can easily cut the math to any shape you can to fit. The perfect Size will help you, suitable for most places like shower room, bedroom, bathtub, and even your kitchen.

200 suction cups: The Pebble bath mat with 200 suction cups sticks perfectly to the bottom section of the tub, which will help to hold in place on a soft, clean surface and, no worry, will not shift down towards the drain.

Why Should You Buy It? 

  • Because it has a balanced width and length that is 16 and 35 inches, so you can cut the bath mat to any shape you want!
  • Because there is space between the faux rocks that support the center drain to manage.
  • Because you can clean them by just washing with some towels and then placing them in the shower.

5. Huji Drain Away Slip-Resistant Shower Mat

The final choice must be an affordable and durable shower mat for your tile floor. And this is why I’ve selected the Huji Drain Away Slip-Resistant Shower Mat for you to give you a perfect shower mat using experience.

Unique Design: All of the shower mats from the same brand feature a unique open-weave texture that supports water drain sufficiently to prevent mildew and stains. In addition to this, it’s comfortable to stand on while showing with ten suction cups to keep it in the right position. 

Machine washable: It dries and is machine washable. Most people think that the Huji Drain Away Slip-Resistant Shower Mat is easy to wash, so I also think you’ll find the slip-resistant mat simple to wash and keep clean with its quick-drying loofah-like components that support water to drain in no time.

Slip-resistant: Moreover, this 29.5/17.5 inches slip-resistant shower mat is a non-slip mildew resistant mat that makes it the perfect and must-have shower product in your bathroom.

Trust It: it’s comfort so that you can rely on it. The entire design and structure of this mat is designed with the highest performance to confine shower slips and falls while at the same time experiencing good foot comfort.

The Perfect Size for your bathroom: This is measured at 17.5 inches in width and 29 inches in length. Isn’t it compact? I think so. In addition to this, the suction cups of the mat measure 1.3 inches in diameter. 

Design: it comes with a significant bit of pure white cream color that can smoothly go well with all kinds of shower coloring.

Built-Quality: made of high-quality loofah components, it was designed with feet in mind. The quality components help create a good comfort for the feet and exfoliate the sole of the feet.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It would help if you bought it because the entire mat is made with loofah material.
  • Because you can use your preferred Size according to your needs.
  • Because the price point is not so high.

6. SereneLife Bamboo Wood Bathroom Bath Mat

A natural bamboo made shower mat can be a great choice for your tile floor, and this is where the SereneLife Bamboo Wood Bathroom Bath Mat comes in!

This is a pure natural wooden heavy-duty bamboo bath that looks stylish, you can simply clean it with water and a bit of air drying.

Well-designedThe well-designed style supports water to flow through and evaporate. This SereneLife Bamboo Wood Bathroom Bath Mat provides clog-free and dryer floor matting, so if you want to compare it between plastic rugs, you’ll see that this will give you a better performance.

Easy to assemble: There is no need to worry about assembling the mat because the mat resembles a very styling floor mat rug design that you can simply place anywhere you wanted!

Secure: In addition to this, you will be able to be protected from any unexpected accidental slide, because it comes with 12 pieces of anti-slip rubber.

The entire mat can be easily installed on your home by following some guide, and the perfect length and width are 17.8/23.62 inches make the mat more useful.


Buying Guide For The Best Shower Mat For Tile Floor:

In your bathroom, a good shower mat plays a significant role in giving you more comfort, no matter where you place your bathroom.

However, when it comes to buying the best shower mat for a tile floor, you must choose a mat that supports multi-function, and the mat you’re going to buy is perfectly comfortable and stylish. 

Selecting a perfect one from this high-competitive market can be a little tricky for you as a beginner or professional because there are so many noticeable things that can create confusion when you want to buy one online. Make sure you have checked these things on the mat before buying.

A single shower mat is mainly created to serve several aims. But among them, the primary function is to absorb the dripping water as you get out of the shower.

However, a perfect one will catch splashes from the shower itself automatically. It is also a useful item that limits the number of slipping when getting out of the water. 

But an essential benefit of having a good shower mat on your tile floor is it helps you avoid having to step directly onto a cold tile floor.

Shape and Size: the 1st point you have to look at when picking the right mat for your tile floor is searching for a mat that will be fitted with your space. Some shapes are available in the market, such as rectangular, square, oval shapes, and more. So first see your space and then make a decision which Size would be perfect for you.

Suction Cups: this is mainly the most important thing for any shower mat. Suction mainly keeps the mats firmly in place to further protect against any unexpected sliding and slipping. you’ll find different items that provide a different distribution of suction cups. So make sure you’re going to buy a mat that looks durable and designed to attach securely to a soft and clean surface. 

Cushioning: To enhance comfort during the shower, most shower mats offer the most cushion. However, the mats that were only created for use on the tile floors might not have the cushion. So buy according to your needs.

Material: Some mats are made from Plastic, and some are PVC material. They all are well.

Price: The price can be a matter, but what If I’m saying the standard price range of a shower mat? Although the price is always dependent on the quality of a product, however a standard price range of a shower mat could be $20-$50.


At the end of the review of the best shower mat for tile floor, our most sugegsted item will be the BOWERBIRD Original Anti-Fatigue as it has all the advanced features. the PCP Non-Slip Shower Safety Mat is suitable for those who are searching for safe mat.

You can also look at the Huji Drain Away Slip-Resistant Shower Mat as it’s solidly made and machine washable, so that you don’t need to worry about cleaning it by hand.

The SereneLife Bamboo Wood is made from 100% natural bamboo, making it unique mat over the other models on this list.

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