Best shower mat reviews January 2022

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In this article, we bring you the ultimate and simple solution. Here you will get ideas from some best shower mat reviews that will help you to get the best shower mat for your shower and bath tub.

You can prevent unwanted falls and slips.

People spend an hour or more in the bathroom to relax and unwind life stresses in the shower or tub. Moisture and humidity levels make bathroom surfaces slippery and it causes accident.

 Every year more than 230,000 people suffer from Bathroom accident. From these numbers about 17.3 percent arise due to slipping in the shower. These accidents may result 70 deaths per year.

These best shower mat reviews will provide a complete guideline to purchase a perfect shower mat for your bathroom.

As we all know that most shower mats offer a measure of slip resistance. Sometime the materials that provide this feature may vary.

1. Asvin Soft Shower Mat:

Asvin Soft Textured Bath, Shower,Tub Mat is one of the best shower mat now a days.

As you use this mat you will see that it stays in place while showering and is easy to lift and hang to dry.

2. KMAT Shower Mat with Suction Cups:

If you are looking for a best shower mat then KMAT Shower Mat is the right choice.

This shower mat is super grippy. As its suction cups are so powerful that’s why the mat didn’t move a bit.

3. Non-Slip PVC Loofah Bathroom Mats:

If you are looking for something to help you not to slip in the shower then a non-slip bathtub mat is the best solution.

This is best shower mat for you if you have a textured floor in your shower. It has suction cups which is vast majority of mats that are secured to the shower floor.

4. BEEHOMEE Kids – Large Cartoon Non-Slip Bathtub Mat:

If you are looking for a best shower mat for your kids than the BEEHOMEE Bath Mat is perfect one.

This mat made with high quality PVC material. It is super soft and durable. Its extra large size provides excellent coverage for bathtub.

5. YINENN Extra Large Shower Mat:

There are of 3137 reviews for this product from that 886 reviews were received in the last 6 months only.

YINENN extra large mat will provides you excellent coverage. As it has a large number of small holes that help to circulate water smoothly.

6. Genteele Memory Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug:

The Genteele memory foam Bath Mat is comfortable polyurethane memory foam made and beautiful looking.

 This Bath Mat Rug is backed with PVC dots to prevent shifting and skidding.

7. YINENN Non-Slip and Extra Large Bathtub Mat:

YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat is a highly recommended best shower mat now a days. This multi functional shower mat looks like pebble design.

With its anti slip features you will be going love this mat a lot.

8. Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat:

Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is an affordable and luxurious shower mat. This mat will give your bathroom a clean and organized look.

 It is very easy to clean rugs. The Shower mat can be use for multi purposes.

9. ENKOSI Large Anti Slip Bathmats:

ENKOSI Bath Mat is an eye-catching shower mat that will make stylish bath rugs. This mat will definitely helps a lot preventing accidental slip and falls.

10. SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Bathtub Mat:

SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Shower Mat is very soft and comfortable. By the help of these powerful suction cups it sticks securely to the bottom of tub.

Product features and benefits

Soft: They are super soft and durable. It will feel soft and cushiony on your feet, and it also has a little bit of a “loofah” feel to it. It has anti-slip layer that stays firm.

You can also scrub your feet on this shower mat by rubbing them back and forth while you’re washing your hair. You can use it outside the tub or shower too.

Suitable for Kids: These shower mats are ideal choice for your kids and elderly parents. These shower mats are easy to clean and dry. They are machine washable.

 Asvin Soft Textured Bath, Shower, Tub Mats are great choice for specialty care facilities and nursing homes also suitable for any residence.

Product Specifications

Compact Size: The Asvin Soft Textured Bath, Shower, Tub Mat measure 24”x 16” which is ideal size for bathing. These shower mats weight is 1.15 pounds.

Secure: These mats are designed to prevent damage to remodeled porcelain. These also helps to prevent damage for fiberglass tubs with textured surfaces.You can buy it in multiple pieces also.  

Durable: These are made from 100% high quality PVC. These are phthalate free.

As it is a recyclable mat you can wash it with warm water. These are also soap scum resistant and dried quickly.


Product features and benefits

Once you start using it you will love the fact that the water flows right through with its hundreds of small drain holes.

Self-cleansing: It is self cleansing so you don’t have to worry about any grime or bacteria getting stuck on it.

 Machine washable: You can also wash it in your washing machine with gentle detergent. It is also a great support for your feet. To avoid any kind of accident the bathtub mat must have to attach to a clean and smooth surface.

Perfect for multiple places: The KMAT shower mat is the perfect bath tub or bathroom floor mat with its attractive look. This mat is a worthy investment to avoid any slip and injuries. This shower mat’s stylish neutral colors are gorgeously fit to your home decor.

Product Specifications and measurement

The KMAT Shower Mat is 25″ x 15.7″ x 0.17″ in size. It’s weight is 2.18 pounds.This shower mat has hundreds of suction cups made of TPE and PP material.

 BPA free: These shower mats are the best shower mat because they are super eco friendly BPA free and non toxic.

 This shower mat has strong grip to the floor surface that’s why it stays in place and enhance safety.

 If you want smaller size you can cut the mat in small size to fit your tub or any area. On the other hand if you want larger size you can purchase pieces together side by side. It has a nice neutral color.


Product features and benefits

I am so glad that by the help of best shower mat reviews you will get the best non slip mat.

Non-Slip PVC Material:  The Loofah Bathroom Mat is like a gem with its backing that is non-slip. It also adheres even to your textured shower floor. It will not move at all. And this best shower mat will massages your feet with its great texture.

Wash it on machine: This shower mats are machine washable. This shower mat drains water through it without clogging.

Non-Slip: It is a highly recommend textured shower floors. You can use this Non-Slip Bathtub Mat, Shower Mats for Bath Tub and Wet Areas.

Multi-use: You can also use these mat restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, childcare center.

Product Specifications and measurement

The Non-Slip Bathtub Mat, Shower Mats for Bath Tub, Bathroom Mat is 17″ x 30″ in size. Its weight s 1.72 pounds.

It is Beige color. It is available with two more colors too. This mat is made of all premium recyclable materials like PVC Loofah.

It is Phthalate Free. It has a durable design to enjoy a barefoot shower. The loofah shower mat has outstanding draining holes and loop surface.


Product features and benefits

BEEHOMEE shower mat has a cute cartoon design that will make your kids more fun during bath.

Suctions cups: This shower mat has powerful suctions cups which help the mat to stick securely in place on smooth surface. This mat has subtle textured pattern on surfaces that keep your kid from slip and fall in the bathtub or bathroom floor.

Safe: This mat is very much safe and gentle for your kid’s skin. Your children will definitely love this mat for its cute and attractive image.

Easy to clean: This mat can be used by elderly parents too. This mat is easy to clean as it is machine washable.

With this best shower mat review BEEHOMEE shower Mat is the great choice for any home, spa, gym and child care center.

Product Specifications and measurement

BEEHOMEE Bath Mats are the best shower mat for your kids. This shower mat is extra large and generously in size.

It is 35” x 15” size that provides excellent coverage. This mat weight is 1.64 pounds. It s made of Polyvinyl Chloride.

Cute design: IT has cute design like textured cartoon pattern. This mat color is blue octopus. This mat has hundreds of suctions cup that keep the mat in place.

BEEHOMEE Bath Mat is rectangular shaped.


Here some important instruction how to use the mat properly.

1. You have to spray some water under the mat and have to press suction cups to the bathtub or bathroom floor to stick the mat tightly in place.

2. As the BEEHOMEE Bath Mat only attaches to smooth clean surfaces.

3. You need to make sure that the bathtub and bathroom floor is clean.

Product features and benefits

In this best shower mat review I am focusing on some core features of YINENN extra large shower mat.

Large Size: By using this shower mat you will get some great user experiences. As it is a extra large mat which is suitable for all smooth surface bathtubs.

Protection: It will protect you from slipping while showering. YINENN bath mat is machine washable to enjoy its fresh appearance.

Use it daily basis: Once you start using it you will find it perfect for your daily use at home, gym and spa setting.

Product Specifications and measurement

YINENN extra large bath tub shower mat is 40”x16” in size. It is the best shower  mat features with 200 suction cups.

Its powerful suction cups offer you 360 degree safety protection. YINENN bath mat has 176 drain holes which draining the water.

This shower mat has Standard dimensions that makes it lays flat in any smooth bathtub and bathroom floors.


Product features and benefits

In this section I am reviewing one of the best Shower mat that is Genteele memory foam Bath Mat.

Machine washable: If you use it You will be pleasantly surprised by this bath mat. You can wash it in machine with cold water and mild detergent.

Nice-looking: It absorbs excellently and looks so elegant. You can use this at homes and garden areas. You can also use it at vanity, vacation home, master bathroom, kids bathroom, guest suite.

Feel Better: It will massage your feet whenever you step out from your bathtub. You can receive the best treatment for your toes by this mat. 

Use as a gift: It can be a Great gift idea for all occasions like Christmas, Wedding, Fathers Day and Mothers Day.

Product Specifications and measurement

Genteele memory foam Bath Mat is 17″ X 24″ I size. It has solid pattern. This Shower mat is super soft and cozy coral velvet feel microfiber memory foam.

 This shower mat is grey color. Its shape is rectangular. It is very large sized memory foam bath mat.

Long-lasting: It has PVC dots that are very durable. Its price is quite reasonable. The Genteele shower mat is made with soft and comfortable polyurethane memory foam.

 It is very thick and constructed well. The Genteele memory foam Bath Mats Rugs are manufactured in OEKO-TEX with Standard 100 certified factories. This rug gives it a significant difference from other.


Product features and benefits

YINENN bathtub mat has more than hundreds of suctions cups which adhere the mat to the surface strongly.

 YINENN bathtub mat is multi functional. It has small holes throughout to allow water to circulate properly.

Flexible: It has greater flexibility for drains water in a typical locations. This shower mat is machine washable to facilitate hassle-free maintenance.

Safe showering: YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat ensures the safe showering for everyone in your family. It is a great choice for baby, toddler, as well as any elderly parents.

Smell-free: It has no chemical smell This shower mat is a perfect choice for any settings like home, gym and spa.

Product Specifications and measurement

YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat is an extra large mat with 40 inch x 16 inch size. This shower mat is one of the best shower mat with Heavy duty and standard dimensions.

 BPA free: It is made of Polyvinyl Chloride. This mat is latex and BPA free.  It has 200 Powerful suction cups to hold the mat on smooth surfaces.

 This suction cups offer 360 degree safety protection. YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat have 176 drain hole. It is rectangular shape. It is machine washable.


Product features and benefits

If you want to give a spa look to your bathroom floor than here we suggesting you a Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat.

Use anywhere: You can use this mat as kitchen rugs, runner and entry way rug. You can use it at your  camping shower enclosure or on sandy and grassy grounds.

Conveniently it can be use at spa, sauna floor and shower door step. This shower mat provides you more stale footing while shower.

It can be an awesome gift idea for your friends and family.

Product Specifications and measurement

Size: Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat has a standard size of 16” x 24”. It is one of the best shower mat made of bamboo Lattice.

 Its pattern is Lattice. This natural bamboo wood shower mat is made with thick bamboo lattice material.

Rectangular Design: It is rectangular shape construct with quality rubber grip tape. This rubber pads make the shower mat slip resistant.

 This Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is lighter than teak wood. It is also stronger than plastic or rubber bathroom rug.

Durable: It has a classic look and maximum durability. The Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is non slip on textured surfaces.

 This shower mat is Protected with a 3X colorless top-coatings for water and dark stain resistance.


Product features and benefits

Today busy world who want slippery and small rubber mats that put ones safety at risk? To prevent any risk at your bathroom and bathtubs you need the best shower mat.

Pebbles feeling: ENKOSI Bath Mat will be the perfect one. The suction cups give you pebbles feeling under your foot while standing on the mat.  

Multiple colors: As it has many color variations to pick one you can easily match with your shower curtains. Its suction cups give maximum sticking capacity to it.

Safe bathing: The ENKOSI shower mat ensures the safe bathing & showering for everyone in your family. It is very safe for baby, toddler, as well as any elderly parents or grandparents.

This shower mat protectively hugs any bathtub and bathroom floor to prevents accidental falls. It is machine washable.

Product Specifications and measurement

ENKOSI Bath Mat is un doughtily one of the best shower mat. This shower mat is extra log size with 40”x 16”. This mat weighted 1.81 pounds.

Anti slip material: This shower mat is made of top standard anti slip material. It has about 200 well placed suctions cups.

This is an ergonomic shower mat. It gives you 360 degree protections. This mat is grey color. It is also available in assorted color variations.


Product features and benefits

In this best shower mat review we have described how you can give your bathroom a sophisticated look.

SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Bathtub Mat will be the right one to make your bathroom more sophisticated.

Stylish: It will also make your bathroom simple and stylish looking. This small suction cups firmly on the ground to prevent movement and give your family more safety.

Non slip: The non slip feature of this mat will serve you soothing feeling. You can also relax your body in massage by using this mat.

Multi-uses: You can use this Pebble Bathtub Mat on your kitchen sink. This bathtub mat is ideal for many places like homes, gyms, hospitals and hotels.

Easy cleaning: This shower mat is easy to clean with hand or machine with mild detergent. It rinses directly the water.

This mat adds a fun and stylish touch to your shower. SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Shower Mat will be the perfect choice for your kids, senior and all your families.

Product Specifications and measurement

SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Bathtub Mat size is 35 L x 16 W inches. It is a best shower mat for non textured tubs and bathroom floor.

This shower mat made of Polyvinyl Chloride. This pebble bath mat has 200 suction cups. This  shower mat color is black.

Multiple colors and lightweight: It has some other color variation available. Its weight is 830g. t is an extra large shower mat with rectangular shape.

 It can be cut in small size too. This shower mat is both machine and hand washable.

 This shower mat has a unique design of drain hole that let water through easily.


FAQ Of The Products:

Are the materials of the mats environment friendly ?

Yes the wood products are the most natural, sustainable and environment friendly.

Are these mats top rated in amazon ?

Yes they all has more than 4000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Are they provide adequate coverage for the ultimate in grip?

In terms of providing adequate coverage for the ultimate in grip they are perfect.

Which bathtub and bathroom shower mat is best for kids?

BEEHOMEE shower mat with cute cartoon design is the best bathtub and bathroom shower mat for kids


As we all know that showering is a great way to get clean ourselves. It is also help us to relax and wash the stresses of the day away.

To avoid any kind of accident the best shower mats is one of the simplest and most budget-friendly ways. To increase safety in the bathroom our best shower mat reviews can help you.

These best shower mat reviews can also help you to select your ideal product and take into account its material construction and size.

The Asvin Soft Shower Mat is the overall best in the list, while the Natural Bamboo Wood Bath Mat is considered an affordable option for everyone. the dicision is yours.

So we can say that best shower mat is an essential thing that helps to prevent slips and falls in the bathroom.With proper care you can use a shower mat for a long time. Only if it becomes a hazard you can change it.

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