Best Tatami Mat – The Top 5 Picks in 2022

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Although the Tatami mats are widely used only in Japan, however, If you know the proper use of a Tatami mat, you’ll surely want to purchase one to experience the benefit of such a thing. 

In the review of finding the best Tatami mat, we’ll look at some of the durable and affordable models from the current market and suggest which one to purchase and which not. 

Before picking one from the competitive market, remember that not all Tatami mats are suitable for every job because different companies produce them for various tasks.

Stay connected with us till the end, and we’ll help you overcome all the issues you may face when picking a Japanese best tatami Mat. 

Take a look at the brief list of the highlighted models below to save time and make a direct decision:

Best Tatami Mats

  • MustMat Tatami Futon Mat: A slim yet traditional Tatami mat for those who want to lay a carpet on their bed or room.
  • MAXYOYO Tatami Floor Mat: A Thick Japanese Tatami Mat designed with five layers to add extra comfort.
  • IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Tatami Mat: A long-lasting mat to use on multiple surfaces.
  • MYOYAY Tatami Mat: A lightweight and relatively thin Tatami mat with a non-slip design.
  • Navy Space Adventure: A comfortable and suitable Tatami mat for fancy people.

1. MustMat Tatami Futon Mat

The MustMat is a well-known manufacturer having the reputation of making durable and affordable Tatami mats for multiple jobs. The MustMat Tatami Futon Mat is one of the best tatami mat examples for people!

Foldable: The most considerable benefit of this model is the highly foldable capacity, meaning you can easily fold the mat in four-part to close the whole body and store it in a short space when not in use. 

Slim and  Solid Design: The solid design with the well-sewn border around it makes it much more durable than others, and the ideal weight and size is a big sign that it would be a go-to option for your relaxed room or guest room. 

Well-combination: Although the design has a little touch of modernity, in the end, this is wholly considered a traditional Japanese Futon. According to the manufacturer, this mat can be used for bed, zen room, Yoga, and meditation class.

Standard Size: The total body size is 70.8 x 78.7 x 1.2 inches, considered standard metric size. If you love to feel a natural grass smell, this mat can be an excellent choice for this case as the surface is 100% rush grass and has a strange smell.

However, not everyone is in the same category. So if you don’t love the smell, you can do a shade for a day in a well-ventilated place as doing this will remove the scent.

Suitable for travelling: If you want to travel with the mat, you’re welcome. However, while using the mat, Make sure it is laid out against the sunlight as extra sun exposure can tend to cause the issue of breakage and loss of the primary colour of the mat. 

Ideal Thickness: The 1.2 thickness is enough for sleeping on the mat to give you the ability to experience better and long-term sleep without any pain.

Tips: To make a dry and well-environment to enhance the life of your Tatami mat, you can frequently open your Window to let clean air blow into your room.

Technical Details: 

  • Brand: MustMat
  • Dimensions: 78.7″L x 35.4″W x 1.2″T
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
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2. MAXYOYO Japanese Tatami Floor Mat ​

Are you looking for a Thicker and comfortable Tatami mat to ensure extra comfort and softness? Considering purchasing the MAXYOYO Japanese Tatami Floor Mat can be an ideal decision in your life. 

Soft and comfortable: good to mention at the starting point that the mat is soft and comfortable enough, but if you want to try something solid, In this case, it may fail to meet your needs. 

Maxyoyo has produced this mat by thinking about comfortability. However, this doesn’t mean it would not be a good option for a long-term task. With proper care, this best tatami mat can go for a long time. 

Durable: The thickness is 4 inch which is more than 2X greater than the MustMat Tatami Futon Mat, and the width is 54 inches, and the height is 80 inches. 

5 layers: This best tatami mat is made of 5 layers. So comfortability is the primary thing for this model:

  • The top of the rug is designed with a microfiber shell.
  • The first layer is polyester.
  • The next layer is made of memory foam. 
  • After that layer, polyester is again used. 
  • And the final layer is made of a microfiber shell.

Printing and dyeing technology: The manufacturer says that there is a use of a technology named Superb printing and dyeing. The technology helped make this best tatami mat a little bit of solid gray design. 

Use it on soft space: It is always recommended to use the mat on a soft surface to protect the design and make it long-lasting. For example, You can first put something thin on the floor of your room and then lay the mat. 

Foldable: Like the previously highlighted mat, this is also a super foldable mat. If you have any kids, they can like the ridged design of the rug and play games on it for a long time.

Note from the manufacturer: you’ll need to dry the mat to recover the thickness because the manufacturer compresses it into a storage bag for easy shipment. So allow 2-3 days to get the original feel of the mat.

You’ll get a dustproof cover and one storage bag to store the mat when not in use. The surface will ensure the mat’s durability, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mat.

Technical Details: 

  • Brand: MAXYOYO
  • Dimensions: 80 x 47 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
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3. IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Igusa

As the name implies, The Lgusa Tatami mat is purely made from a Japanese manufacturer named IKEHIKO. This model was first released on May 13, 2016, on Amazon.

Long-lasting: The people who frequently research the market to find a durable and authentic Japanese Tatami mat for their home will highly recommend this model with high confidence. 

Anti-slip design: The traditional structure with the anti-slip design makes it more unique than others. This mat is currently available in twin, half, and full sizes. You can pick one based on your needs.

Sleep on It: The mat is produced from almost 100% pure Japanese-growing rush grass. If your primary purpose of buying the mat is sleeping, you have to fold it frequently to air out so that any wetness that piles up under it during sleep can evaporate.

Nice grass smell: Like the MustMat Tatami Futon Mat, you’ll notice a nice grass smell, but it will only remain vital for a few days. Laying the mat under a sofa can be a great thing to enhance your room’s beauty. 

Rectangular design: The solid and rectangular design makes it more suitable and best tatami mat for sleep, meaning you can lay the mat and rest. Another great thing about the mat is you’ll set a place to sit when you fold it. 

Foldable design: The 83 “L x 39 “W size and foldable design also make it for those people who have a short room or studio and want to fold the mat out of the way during the day to create extra space. 

Technical Details: 

  • Brand: IKEHIKO
  • Weight: ‎5 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎39 x 83 x 0.5 inches
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4. MYOYAY Tatami Mat

The Myoyay Tatami Mat is a super affordable model that is entirely ready to meet all your needs and ensure better comfort for your whole family. 

Conventional model: Myoyay believes that the conventional Tatami mats are thick and heavy, and they produce advanced items instead of creating the traditional models. Their carpets are thin and lightweight. 

Advanced Mat: In the case of an advanced Tatami mat, thinness doesn’t matter as the machine removes the excess thickness to make it slim and professional. But if you’re still looking for a higher thickness, consider buying the MAXYOYO Japanese Tatami Floor Mat.

Soft and comfortable: The mat’s interior is filled with a climate-friendly elastic sponge that is soft and comfortable. The body measures 71 X 71 ( equal from both sides). The thickness is 0.47 inches which is the smallest size in finding the best Tatami mat. 

Non-slip design: The bottom of the mat is a non-slip design which will prevent the pad from moving. It will require less space to lay the mat, and once your job is completed, fold the whole mat and store it.

Easy to Clean: If you’re worried about cleaning the mat, the good news from the manufacturer is you can clean it by wiping off dust powder with a bit of dry towel along the seam and then cleaning it with the wet towel. And the last step should be drying it in an ideal place.

Technical Details: 

  • Manufacturer: MYOYAY.
  • Dimensions: 71×71 inch.
  • Weight: 6.54 pounds.
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5. Navy Space Adventure Japanese Tatami Mat

The Navy Space adventure is one kind of sleeping pad for up to 2 people. The unique Navy space design and the ideal space for sleeping two people at once make it the best Tatami mat for most fancy people. 

5-Layers: It comprises five layers, brush cotton, smooth microfiber shell, and memory foam. Due to the five layers, you may think that the weight is heavier. Don’t think that and believe it as usual.

Everything in one pack: The pack contains one futon mattress, a dustproof cover, one pair of bandages, and a canvas storage bag. The top and bottom layers are 6-centimetre thickness polyester filling, and the centre layer is 5-centimetre thickness memory foam.

Use on multiple needs: You can use the mat as a camping mattress, room Futon, floor mattress, and many other jobs. There are three color available to purchase, but they don’t offer multiple options for the size. 

Reliable: The price point is higher than the MAXYOYO Japanese Tatami Floor Mat. However, the unique design and ideal thickness make it preferable for most users. 

Free Replacement: The company says that if any customer is not satisfied with their purchase, they will get a completely free replacement facility or refund with a No-Questions-Asked.

Technical Details: 

  • Brand: MAXYOYO
  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
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Tatami mats are massively used in Japan. However, when it comes to using the best Tatami mat outside of Japan, you’ll face many issues as there are a few companies that make such types of stuff.

We have made your challenging journey much more straightforward and tension-free by reviewing some of the most popular tatami mats from Amazon that you can purchase today for your multiple needs. 

In addition to highlighting their good sides, we have also tried to show some of their weaknesses so that you can get an overall idea about them and make a final decision. 

If you are interested in getting a thicker mat for sleeping, take a deep look at the MAXYOYO Japanese Tatami Floor Mat (Soft and comfortable) or Navy Space Adventure Japanese Tatami Mat (Best value for money). These two options would be good for you. 

On the other hand, look at the rest of the models if you love something slim and solid. These models are considered the most attractive mats

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