23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors

The best outdoor plan will always count in your family, friends and a list of open yard games to trigger the fun cell of your brain.

So, knowing about some giant yard games will probably make you try something out from average.

giant yard games

Trying the old-school games such as bocce ball, ladder ball or croquet set is always happening and no fun for today’s generation.

Classic games like Jenga can be more fun to try with a jumbo version. It’s a whole different feeling to enjoy your outdoor breaks in the most fun-satisfying way.

So, if you are having a last-minute barbecue or get-together plans, include these 23 giant backyard games and make some moments to recall forever.

23 Giant Outdoor Yard Games

1. Giant Jenga

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 1

Jenga is a popular game in teens and adults too. This game includes block removal from the bottom of a tower. You need a wooden block tower here. This is actually quite difficult to do even if it sounds easy because of the jumbo size.

The game keeps on going until one of the player cases a crash of tower. This will mean the last player who has successfully put a lock on top of the tower is the inner. And that’s how easily the game can be played with multiple players. It’s suitable or any age players and tends to be fun no matter what occasion.

This game is one of the most played game in social events. Everywhere including pubs and outdoor venues people love so include it to play.

2. Giant Yard Pong

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 2

The next game making a way in this list of giant yard games and outdoor activities is known as Giant Yard Pong. I’m sure most of you have already heard about this game. If not let’s have a sneak peek.

So, this entertaining game needs plastic balls and buckets. The balls should bounce well and these also need to be somewhat strong.

So, there are two teams with a similar number of members. Teams decide their position by using another deciding game such as rock-paper-scissor or coin flip. Now each member from the team needs to throw balls into the other team’s bucket.

Every member can try only once. If they are able to put the ball into a bucket, that bucket is eliminated. Every team has one opportunity to re-rack in this game.

Super simple and fun to play. This game actually needs to know complication and anybody can play it.

3. Giant Yard Dice

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 3

This is the evergreen dice game but in a huge size. This giant outdoor game is really suitable for any open yard activity.

So, your family members are going to love the fun. Giant yard dice needs oversized dices.

To play this game, every team needs to decide who goes first with rock-scissor-paper. Each team members will take turns and toss the dice into his team’s ring.

The game rewards each player with a numerical value the dice shows. Once a team reaches the 21 points first, it wins. It also can be decided with snake eyes or roll all ones.

You can decide the winning points a shorter number also. Some prefer playing for 11 or 15 points. A huge number of people can play it with two or more teams.

4. Giant Connect 4

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 4

Next in the bucket is giant connect 4. This game needs you big boards and coins. Two-player or team can easily play this amazing game in their huge yards.

On a big board, two-player or teams need to drop coins. This could be done from the top of the board. The goal is to get 4 in a row. Teams can take turns one by one to do so. The team that can join four coins first will win the game.

The row needs to be diagonally, horizontally or vertically. You’ll lose the game if the row has more than 4 coins. It’s an interesting game that children play in shorter boards. The giant version is more fun, however.

5. Giant Bowling

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 5

Giant bowling is one of the simple giant yard games to try that gives you a mini Olympic style event feel in your backyard.

This easy to play game needs you a simple set up of bowling alley in a huge area. It could be your carpark area or you can try drawing chalk lines to mark one alley.

So, there should be pins placed parallelly in the alley. Every member from each team comes and rolls the ball down the alley. They need to knock as many as pins possible to make scores.

To make the game even more challenging sometimes player line up with alley sides. They can simply push or kick the ball once it is near. However, it would be better to limit the number of time this can happen.

6. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 6

Tic-Tac-Toe was my favorite childhood games that I used to play during boring classes. This game, however, is the huge version of regular tic-tac-toe.

It’s one of the most preferable giant yard games and outdoor activity that could be played in different levels and open field.

You can use hula hoops for the setup. The position should be without any space between them. The judge should declare the starting and players can start the game. They should run to the board and pace marker in open square.

This game can be played between two teams or sometimes two players also. It’s a fun game to try that is simple but yet amusing to play.

7. Giant Ring Toss

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 7

Giant ring toss is one of the most addictive games that tossing arena games have recently. This game is surely a great hit thing to try for any fun event. You will love the toss with giant twist thing a lot.

So, you need to place some bottles on a table closer together. Then a player needs to stand in a certain spot. Everybody should stand in that similar distance. You can mark the distance for fair play.

Now, taking turns players need to throw four rings. The rings should fall into the bottle’s neck. The bottle that one hit will be counted for their team’s score. The team with a larger number of throws successful wins the game.

8. Giant Chess Board

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 8

Giant chess board is a regular chess game but played on a huge surface. You need a lawn that is ready and durable to try this fun game.

First, you start by setting up the board. Make sure to keep white square near the right side of both players. Queen should be in a similar color square.

Now, the white team starts the game and makes a move. This continues and the team takes to turn one by one. Only one piece is movable at a time. However, castling can be done more than one time.

Players can eat a piece once the opponent’s piece is in their movement way. However, a player can’t eat their own pieces.

9. Giant Playing Cards

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 9

The next fun pick in this giant yard games and outdoor games is playing cards. One card out of the deck is available for every player in a team.

Now the card each team gets is for the rival party. Once every team shuffles the card the other team should find it hard to get the order of the numbers on cards.

Once shuffling is done, the members need to line up. They need to see who is in front and that’s the mate they can change card with. In the center, each team will meet together.

The opponent person should be in front of them. Once the dealer makes a signal everybody flips their card and tries to sort in order of numbers on a card. The team that finishes sorting first, wins the game.

10. Giant Checkers

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 10

Draughts is the other name or checkers. This is a classic game that has been popular since the old days. So, the game includes two players. Each player will have twelve dices with them. Once set is probably black and the other one is red.

So, the players arrange the ices in the squares near to them. Black will move first and then the other player makes a move. This keeps on going.

Once the situation seems like one opponent is not available to make any more moves, the team wins. Most of the time, it’s because every piece becomes captured. However, the reason can also be pieces getting blocked.

11. Giant Beach Ball

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 11

The next giant yard games and outdoor game is very popular among kids and is quite reasonable to try but anyone. It needs beach balls and that’s it.  It can keep a small group or party engages for a long time.

With one foot in rectangular, the game starts at the end line. Once a whistle is made, teams will rush toward the middle. These need to grab the balls to the centerline at the tight side.

A team needs to cross their own attack line and then throw the ball into the opposing team. The middle line or bound crossing should never happen.

Those who are hit with the balls are out. Same goes for those who catch the ball. Hitting someone on the face will eliminate the thrower as well.

12. Giant Kerplunk – Giant Sticks and Balls Game

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 12

Next is the giant kerplunk. This game is a children’s favorite theme that is popular for ages. The game needs a plastic tube, rods, and marbles. The set up is done by assembling the tubes.

The bottom tube is the cup with holes at the bottom. In the center, there are tube connectors with lost of holes in it. In the base of a top cup there is a call at the center. These all holes and tube are attached together for a setup.

Now, during playing the game a player needs to make sure the bottom hole is facing him. This is when the player makes a move on the tower around.

The movements should not disturb the marbles. The first stick you pick should be removed. You can do this with one hand. The stick needs to be removed completely.

13. Giant Cornhole – Giant Bag Toss Game

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 13

This is a popular children game that includes landing bags on board to make points. The slot needs five points. It is quite similar to Bag Toss 2 game.

One can play cornhole in two formats. It might be single or dual. In single format, the two players will player aim their toss on similar board. With four bags thrown by each player, one round is completed.

After one round the player walks to the other board. They should tally their score. In doubles player usually, stand across and compere each other directly. In one round, platers scoring with maximum points will go to the next level ahead.

14. Giant Twister Game

To play giant twister game around thirty kids can join together This is a fun game to try when large groups get together for entertainment.

There should be two teams to start at further ends. The team that finishes to the other side first, wins the game.

Kids should block as a battle twister to get them out of the fame. There is also group battle twister where two groups will compete. The king or queen needs to safely reach the other side. They need to take down other players and block opposition in the meanwhile.

It’s a game that involves a lot of space and strength as well. This game also needs supervision from someone old enough. A kid should not hurt themselves while trying to block.

15. Giant Flip Cup Drinking Game

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 14

Canoe, Taps and many other names are popular for a giant flip cup drinking game. This is basically a team-based relay racing game that involves drinking.

You need a drink of your choice. Solo cups should be available with two teams. Each team needs minimum of three people facing each other in a long and strong table.

Now place the cups in the table at each side. The number on both sides should be the same. The drinks are poured in these cups. If nobody has a problem, fill up each of them a quarter to a half.

Using the finger, one needs to tap the bottom and flip it in air. It should do lightly so that the cup makes the 180-degree rotation. It should land on table squarely open side down.

16. Giant Foosball

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 15

Giant football is really easy to play in a huge area with players. They need to be positioned in a suitable spot. Every player needs to keep there both hands on handles every time. One foot needs to be touching the ground as well.

The shoulder should always stay above the bars while playing. From the midfield area, the ref will bounce the ball and that starts the game.

The play should continue until somebody does a foul and penalty occurs. The game also pauses when a goal scores or timer runs out.

Only lateral movement is allowed for players side to side. Midfielders and forwards will have to work together. This game is all about teamwork.

17. Giant Croquet

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 16

Giant croquet is another game to try on an empty alley. Here teams need to take turns for their chance. The game starts with a player trying to play a ball into the court. This should be from the startling lines. The four balls need to be on the court.

As soon as that happens a player can pick two balls to play it in each tun. The player who plays a ball at that moment is known as the striker basically.

The striker needs to play one shot. This means passing the play to opponents. There might be extra short earning possibilities as well. This game also needs team working and strategy to win at the end.

18. Giant Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble is a favorite game that children play often. This game can be played by two to four players at a time. It needs a board that has a hundred letter tiles and tile racks.

So, the player needs to make moves clockwise or at the left. The layer needs to play off a certain word that is available on the board. This will include changing words that already exist. A player can also include letter into word.

Whenever a word is played the opponents can challenge the player that it does not exist in the board. Players can consult about words in the dictionary beforehand playing. However, the word should never be used again for verification purpose.

This word game is a confusing but super fun one to try with family and friends.

19. Giant Inflatable Dart Board

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 17

Traditional darts and giant dart are almost similar. The aiming point at a jumbo gold dartboard is the only challenge extra you face with huge version.

This may sound very easy but in reality, the challenge is quite hard to accomplish. You’ll be laughing crazy while balls land extra wide.

Large families can easily play the game in their backyard and it does not include the boredom of regular dart games.

You can get an inflatable dartboard from a reliable source to try the game. Do this before your big event and I’m sure kids are going to love you for including this wonderful game.

Two players or team can play the game and start by sorting out with rock-paper-scissor. This game needs to take turns for throwing. It’s tricky and physically challenging but a great way to pass time outdoors.

20. Giant Kickball

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 18

In Canada giant kickball is also known as soccer baseball. There is no need of specialized equipment or skills making it really accessible to play in open fields.

There are a lot of similarities with regular kickballs but this version is a more simplifies version that can be played in the areas with a lot of people.

11 fielders, five innings and two coaches are involved in the play. It includes no headshots but bounces are available. There is forced outs, bunting is allowed at the game so that you can aim a good catcher for the team.

It’s one of the most amusing giant backyard games to try when you go out for a picnic with your whole squad. The thrill is real and you would need no expensive tools to play it.

21. Giant Inflatable Gladiators Yard Game

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 19

So, let’s talk about a huge yard game that involves balancing and some basic skills. Giant inflatable Gladiator yard games are really a cool one to try with your families during late-night barbeque parties.

This giant game for adult will trigger the excitement hormone never like before with some really fun to try instructions that are challenging but easy at the same time.

Both kids and adults can try this game. You only need a set of gladiator inflatable that is available online. Get any one of your choices and let it make way into your game list in the next fun event.

The game needs the player to knock their opponent off from the marked spot. This giant game for kids should be played under the direct supervision of an adult.

22. Spike ball Game Set

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 20

The next game is a spike ball which is a very widespread American sport. It needs a combination of foursquare and volleyball to play. The competitiveness and challenging rules are really fun to try for literally any big event.

It needs four-player or two teams with two players each. However, one can also try increasing member or teams if they want to.

A large spike ball set is used to play the game. Teams will line up and face each other. The team that goes first needs to hit the ball into the opponent’s net. It should not be returned and only then the serving team gains a point.

There are only three touches available to return the ball. Once the all touch the net play transforms to the next team. It includes rally scoring. In the end, the team with most points win the game.

23. Basketball Arcade Game

23 Giant Yard Games Ideas For Kids, Teens, Adult and Seniors 21

The basket arcade game is a perfect choice if you love trying shooting games. It is designed to play even inside the house however there needs to be a large space. Three-in-one design can help you play better.

Players need to score baskets as many as possible in a given amount of time. Two or more players can play the game by solo or team version. At the end of the game, team or player hitting the maximum score will win it all.

To keep this interesting, you may want to add a penalty into the game. This is very fun to try an activity that needs you less expensive tools. Anybody can try playing this game with super simple rules that are not too easy to cause any boredom.


So, these were some really cool and inexpensive giant yard games and outdoor activities that you can try with your friends, families and colleagues for an event.

I’m sure pretty much everyone loves to try simple games. It’s a great way to charge yourself and everybody joining this with you would love it.

You can buy tools and equipment’s necessary for these giant games from various online stores.

There are pre-made boards and tools available in inexpensive pricing. You may want to get them beforehand to have your own mini Olympic session at home.