Hansgrohe vs Grohe: Which Is Better For Shower And Faucet?

So, you may believe that Hansgrohe and Grohe both are pretty similar since they come from a kinship, right? That’s completely wrong! Even with family ties, these two brands are quite different.

Hansgrohe vs Grohe

Both brands are high end and provide high-quality home tools such as shower head and faucets. But there is some diversity in both brands that brings a sort of comparison to do.

Let’s find out about these two different entities that are connected with a background in this Hansgrohe vs Grohe comparison.

Hansgrohe vs Grohe Faucet

Both brands come with some amazing models for a faucet that is quite popular. However, to make you understand the differences, let me talk about in points and compare faucets from both brands.


Grohe is definitely a high-quality brand that comes with some amazing faucet models. However, most of the high rated models are expensive and the reasonable ones have mixed reviews from the consumers. It’s more like a love and hate relationship.

But to be honest, the quality Grohe provides beneath three hundred dollars range is actually pretty practical. The durability and functionality are not bad at all. But it definitely has some weakness and you can easily find a few models not so appreciating.

But then also, some consumer will have a lot of high expectation from a reasonably priced faucet. That’s quite unrealistic. Judging the price point with the quality I think the brand is good enough to provide decent performance.

However, Hansgrohe is quite a different story. The old and reliable brand is in contrary to the competitor, quite trustable from consumers. Many believe that the Hansgrohe faucets are really high in durability and strength. The leaking issues are found less with this brand faucet. Of course, there is a reason, the price is high enough than Grohe.

But the good thing is your money won’t be wasted. It actually provides quite high-end performance. Comparing the quality, Hansgrohe is definitely one step ahead then it’s a cousin.


There are basically three types of Grohe faucet available in the market. These are different with some features. The types are one handle gooseneck, one handle traditional design and commercial faucets.

There is also a version for pot fillers which is quite occasional. It comes with two wall-mount. So, for those who want to have a two-handle kitchen faucet then you might be disappointed. However, the craftsmanship and aesthetic are not compromised in the design even with a single handle.

The essence handles design is a really popular and modern type which impresses many homeowners. The starlight finish makes the overall variety a great thing to talk about. Also, some model comes with pull-out dual spray control for better effectiveness.

Hansgrohe comes with plenty of variety when it comes to kitchen or bathroom faucets. There are seven designs including single handle pull out and down type. The intelligent functionality and ergonomic comfort definitely take it another step ahead of being the better option in this battle.

For any generation family, the designs are quite classy and modern to go well with the home interior. It also comes with chrome fishing. Some might provide an alternative finish as well. Two other popular choices are stainless steel and oil-rubbed bronze finish. So, to get preferable customization. Hansgrohe is surely better.

Better Warranty?

I think, for warranty, both brands offer quite similar facilities and benefits. Grohe faucets come with limited time warranty for their materials. They claim that Grohe faucets do not come with defective parts and these are changeable.

However, the purchase should e made during 1997 or later. The warranty covers the finish as well as the mechanical parts. There should be no defecting behavior with normal usage. It won’t transfer a new owner or regular wear and tear by the way. He electrical component within the faucet comes with giving years of maximum warranty option.

However, the sure needs to make sure the purchase was not from an unauthorized seller. In that case, the user won’t be able to enjoy the warranty facilities at all. There are certain proofs you need to make and then the warranty is open for use.

Hansgrohe comes with manufacturer’s guarantee for there faucet line up. This is a legal guarantee that a buyer can enjoy from the there authorized seller after purchase and finding any defect.

There will be no design defect n the Hansgrohe faucets, that’s what they claim.  Same goes for material or manufacturing fault. If the user finds out a defect after usage then he or she can claim for the warranty. However, without any legal obligation, there is no sort of benefit for consequential damage.

There is a residential standpoint from the day of purchase to support the durability of warranty. It’s not transferable and any other sort of use might limit down the warranty to one year.

I think both brands offer a great warranty to support any defective error done by the production team. So, there will be a tie here between Hansgrohe vs Grohe.

Price Point!

There are all sort f price ranged models available with both Grohe and Hansgrohe. If you want to go for a quality Grohe faucet than you can find it within the price range of hundred to five-hundred dollars. The higher priced ones are better for new construction.

You can enjoy better access to wholesale market with Grohe. Comparing to Hansgrohe, it’s actually pretty affordable with the easy installation process.

However, Hansgrohe kitchen faucets usually start with a premium price range of four-hundred dollars. I am pointing towards the quality faucets of course. But you can still find options online form Hansgrohe in the cheaper price range.

However, if you want to not sacrifice the quality, starting from that price range is the right thing to do. Majority households will use the Hansgrohe faucets even with the price range, only because the quality is actually worth it. Also, there are so many varieties of designs available with Hansgrohe that the price will surely vary.

For people who look for affordable faucets can choose Grohe. But if you don’t mind spending a few bucks extra for quality, it should be for Hansgrohe.

Hansgrohe vs Grohe Shower Head

Another interpreting and very useful bathroom essential are a quality shower head. Both Hansgrohe and Grohe has some excellent models available for a showerhead. But which one provides a better shower head? Let’s find out!

Air Infusion Benefits!

There is a technology that uses air to create a better shower experience. This way you are going to feel using more water than you actually use. Both Hansgrohe and Grohe comes with such models and they are quite popular picks.

With air inside the water drops, you get the illusion of using more water. This saves water and gives better showering feel at the same time. Moreover, your water bills turn out to quite less.

You can use massage setting and spring rain options to use the features on both shower head. Deepening on the quality of the technology, many believe that Hansgrohe gives a better experience. It’s fast and gives a better density of water while you go for a shower.

Easy Clean Up!

Hansgrohe comes with a really unique setting called touch cleaning. This system helps you to easily get rid of any water spot or mineral deposits without doing much.

Also, the nozzles will create a flat surface to make wiping much easier. You can keep the shower head looking beautiful with so less effort. That’s the reason why people prefer Hansgrohe even when the price is a bit high.

However, you may also find similar benefits in a few Grohe shower heads. Kind of rare but available I believe.


Hansgrohe shower head comes with a ball joint fitting method for installation. There are various installation methods that you can try for Hansgrohe. Using balls joints gives you better flexibility. This way you can easily figure out the existing shower arm. Also, you can connect it with action for a more conventional feel. Also, you will find it easier to set a proper angle and take a shower.

While the Grohe shower heads usually come up with the old design that most conventional types have. So, you need to plan a certain ceiling installation idea beforehand setting the shower head.

Decision Time

In this battle of Hansgrohe vs Grohe, it’s almost time for me to declare a winner. With beautiful features and effective functionality think you can pick anyone for faucets. Both come with affordable and high-end models that might suit your needs.

However, if I need to pick a favorite, then I’ll say Hansgrohe. Yes, it’s expensive but so is durable. I don’t have to worry about construction or installation and that’s what I prefer the most.

If you find an affordable solution like Grohe more approachable, it’s totally fine! To be honest, both are good in their own ways!

However, for a showerhead, I believe Grohe needs many improvements. Since it’s not so old and experienced as Hansgrohe it still lacks a few points. But for the budget, it’s still an excellent choice!

Hopeful I was able to sort out your confusion! Choose the right brand and don’t panic or rush for a decision. Take your time!