How To Control An Rc Car With A Phone? Is It Possible?

All the Remote control cars come with a remote that gives you the ability to control the car, but when it comes to controlling an RC car using your android phone, how would you think that matters?

Although I know carrying an extra remote during driving your car might create a little issue, that’s why you might prefer to use your phone.

Or maybe you’re one of those people who want to try once to control their RC car with their phone via an application.

So this is the post I’ve covered for you to let you know how to control an RC car with a phone. Hope you will stay with me!

Let’s get started! 

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Important Notes: If you have a new RC car, you may find that your car is comfortable with your phone to control, but if you have an old model, then your car might not be able to handle this opportunity.

Most remote control cars do not offer the ability to be controlled by a mobile. So it would be better to know how you can change the setting and modify your car.

How You Can Ensure That Your Rc Car Supported For Controlled By A Phone?

Assuming you want to buy an RC car online, in that case, you may want to read the product description, features, specifications, and more.

So when buying the product, make sure you have read the features and description properly to know if the car can work with a phone or not.

For instance, look at the Bluetooth feature when buying your car, because having a Bluetooth feature on an RC car means the car can work with your phone, using Bluetooth, you may download an app on your phone and control it.

On the other hand, some well-designed RC cars come with a complete capability of being controlled by a smartphone through an app. If you found one of these, just pick one.

What If Your Car Is Not Comfortable With Your Mobile To Control?

Don’t lose your hope! Because there is a chance that you can follow to make your car ready for your mobile to use as a remote.

All you need to do is just modify your car with the help of some devices and material, here what you should do:

Note: To modify your car, you’ll need to buy some materials and need to spend some time as well. And importantly, don’t buy any wrong material.

The materials you will need:

  • An Old Remote Control Car
  • L298N Motor Driver
  • HC05 Bluetooth Module
  • Hot glue
  • Soldering materials
  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Bluetooth RC Car mobile application
  • (2ps) 18650 Li-ion Battery 

I’m not saying that following this method with these materials to your RC car modification is the cheapest way, but this is one of the most simple ways to do that. You can also find some other ways, but I will suggest you follow this guide.

Now the question is, where can I get these items and what is the cost of them? Well, first of all, these are not too expensive to buy, and secondly, you can buy them online or from your local electronic shop. These items will cost only $30.

For your convenience, here is a website where you can find all the mentioned items at an affordable price. 

Ok, assuming you have collected all the required tools and items, now just follow the video to complete the task.

Final Words:

At the last moment of sharing an article about How to control an RC car with a phone, it’s important to know that if you were successful with the guide I’ve covered on this page, you’re welcome.

But if for any reason, if your hard work doesn’t go quite as planned, don’t worry and try again, I’m sure you’ll succeed the next time.

If you don’t prefer this way, you have always the chance to search for a simple guide online.

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