Sounds like a trivial topic, right? How to create a link on a web page. Or maybe on Facebook. Do you need a guide to add a hyperlink? Actually yes, because KissAnime keeps seeing bloggers doing poorly.

It is not a criticism. As always we are here to grow together. We often focus on such complex topics that they overshadow the base. We work with link building, we want to do link earning and we use Google Analytics.

But how to create a link in an article? The same applies to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Question yourself, here is a guide to allow readers to reach the best resources. With the approval of Google and SEO.

The topics of the post

  • What is a link on the web: definition
  • Create a link with HTML tags
  • Choose a talking anchor text
  • How to create an effective link
  • Ask for permission to insert links
  • Can I use the target = “_ blank”?
  • Take care of internal post links
  • Create a link to download files
  • How to create a Facebook link
  • Edit Twitter Card link
  • Your hyperlinks

What is a link on the web: definition

Before starting, I clarify what a link is: a hyperlink that connects two pages. This element can be recognized as the starting point of the world wide web, the structure of the network as we know it. Google has valued these links to define ranking, so they have become crucial for web professionals.

But without links, there is not everything we use today to navigate, move, discover, and earn.

There are different types of links: the best known uses anchor text to relate documents but there are also images, links linked to buttons, and iFrames. The action that animates them, however, is the click with the left mouse button. But is it that simple to add a link? Let’s find out together.

Create a link with HTML tags

Here’s how to insert a link with HTML. This operation is carried out by the WordPress CMS and it is not mandatory to know the code, but I recommend that you have a good knowledge of the subject. How do you create a link on a web page? You need to work with the href tag, here you find an example based on the basic HTML code.

<a title=”Ecco un blog interessante da leggere” 

href=”” target=”_blank” 

rel=”nofollow”>Visita My Social Web</a>

There is a tag that opens and closes. I’m talking about <a>, the base of the link. Then there are some attributes that give characteristics to the link: the title describes it, the target = ”_ blank” opens the link in a new tab and the nofollow takes away importance for the ranking of the link. Let’s break down the steps to create a link on a page.

How to create a link in WordPress? As you can see, select the anchor text you want to turn into a link and click on the icon with the chain symbol. This allows you to go beyond the text and create a link with images and photos.

Choose a talking anchor text

The fundamental rule to work in favor of readability without forgetting the SEO copywriting world: anchor text must be talking about it. That is, it must explain the content of the landing resource without needing anything else. Do you want to link to a source? An article? Reading the anchor text I have to understand where I will arrive.

So nothing click here, go, see, and other text particles. Beware of outgoing links: do not use overly performing keywords, in these cases work with brand name or URL. It is safer and just as fair in terms of user experience.

The unnatural factor lies in the fact that a blogger or webmaster would hardly go to spontaneously link to a product page using a money keyword (…). For link building, a branded keyword or a generic key and almost never a money keyword would be used as anchor text.

Here’s what Dario Ciracì suggests on Semrush’s blog. I agree with this line, I recommend working cleanly but at the same time respecting the legibility of the text. Using silent anchor text means preventing the public from understanding. The same, however, also applies to the Google spider that analyzes the page.

How to create an effective link

That is, how do you create a link capable of being read as such? The choice of the anchor text is decisive but you must respect a series of elements: the link must be of a different color from the font, change appearance when touched by the mouse cursor

It must also take on another color when clicked. This way the reader knows what he has already visited. By default these features are decided by the theme, so make sure you have what it takes and choose a good WordPress template.

Another aspect to consider: you need to monitor the good functioning of hyperlinks. How? You can use software like Xenu, the Screaming Frog application, or a plugin like Broken Link Checker: in this way you curate the quality of the web page from a user and search engine perspective.

Ask for permission to insert links

No, you don’t need to ask for permission to link from your site to an external public resource. If it is so, accessible by everyone through the browser, no permission is needed. The different situation if, for example, it is a password-protected or private resource. In this case, you cannot link.

Can I use the target = “_ blank”?

First of all, what is the target = “_ blank” for? To make the link open in a new browser tab. It is often used by bloggers who want to keep the reader on the site: every click can be fatal for your web page.

Because the risk of missing the visit is evident. The target = ”_ blank”, which is inserted with a simple check-in the WordPress link insertion form, solves the problem. But don’t forget that this can be a mistake: HTML standards deprecate the use of this solution because it is recognized as forcing.

People don’t expect to open links in a new tab. Avoiding the target = “_ blank” is the basis. There are those who work with a middle ground: same form for internal links, a new form for outgoing ones. For me, it can be a solution.

Take care of internal post links

Internal links can make a difference. They allow the reader to discover new resources and help place content. But they must be followed with care. First of all, they must not be put at random but be useful, contextualized, decisive to add value to the page.

They also have to follow a strategy. This is how I work: I focus internal links on the most convenient resource. Should I push an article for the Inbound Marketing keyword? All hyperlinks go to that specific resource.

However, it is not always clear and immediate. Then I use the site: search operator to find out which article is most relevant on my blog for that query.

Another way to optimize links: create internal HTML anchors to generate a topic index. Just like I did in this post. to obtain such a result you can work with the code, but it is much easier to use the Table Of Content Plus plugin, an immediate and functional solution.

Create a link to download files

A question for those who blog, but also for those who try their hand at content marketing. You have created an ebook, or perhaps an editorial calendar template.

You want to make it downloadable. How do you do? With WordPress the game is simple: go to the media section and upload the document. At this point go to the File tab: on the top right is the URL file of the uploaded product that you can use for download.

Copy it and enter it in the usual WordPress field to add links. In this way, those who click on the anchor text or on the button directly activate the download of the file you want to give. A great way to get your brand out there and earn links.

How to create a Facebook link

You don’t have to just create links in HTML. Your job as a blogger is also to generate good links on Facebook. Your traffic source par excellence. Publishing a link on this social network means increasing visits.

So it is a must to pay attention to the passage. To insert a link on Facebook just paste the URL of the page in the field that allows publication on the profile or page. What is the decisive element in this balance?

The image takes up most of the space. Remember, it needs to be rectangular and larger than 600 x 400 px to make sure you get the big preview.

How to customize the Facebook link? You can change the visual using WordPress SEO by Yoast, in the social section of the single article you can also add a different title. To bring it up use Facebook Debugger.

Edit Twitter Card link

Remember that WordPress SEO by Yoast also allows you to activate Twitter Cards, the previews of the link on Twitter. Just go to the social section of the plugin and to the folder dedicated to the social network with wings. Here there is a check dedicated to cards.

Your hyperlinks

These tips are part of a minimum amount of baggage to optimize web pages and to make sure people are satisfied. How to create a link?

Always focus on utility for the public and respect few rules. You can find a good part here. Do you want to leave other tips to those who want to insert hyperlinks on Facebook and web pages? Post your experience in the comments.

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