How to Make an RC Car Faster? Are There Any Easy Ways?

Making an RC car faster than before will help you to keep your eye on your vehicle. Enjoy for hours, never bother.

But what if your car does not perform well in terms of speed? Break it down, or try to find a guide where you can learn more about making an RC car faster?

I know you’ll probably want to read a guide on it. That’s why I’ve created this comprehensive article for you.

Before I go into the more in-depth section, clear a thing,

If you own a pro-level or high-performance RC car, then my suggestion will help you a lot to make your car faster than your current performance, 

But if you’re using a low-quality car, You may be able to make it much better, but not as much as a pro-level RC car.

However, confidently I can tell you that you can get a better recommendation if you follow today’s guide and make your low-performance car a pro!

Here is a short table of content that I’m going to share with you today:

  1. Use A Powerful Battery.
  2. Replace The Motor If Needed.
  3. Change Your Tires.
  4. Adjust the Gear Ratio.
  5. Reduce The Body Weight.

Use A Powerful Battery.

Before giving you the right tips, can you tell me which battery you are using currently? Ni-Mh or Li-Po? 

If the answer is Ni-Mh, you should upgrade the battery from Ni-Mh to a Li-Po pack, and it will undoubtedly boot up your entire car speed without making any extra hassle.

The Li-Po battery is mainly used to speed up RC cars. They are lighter and help boost more power. But it could be a little tricky to use them in your vehicle and are pricey than a standard battery. 

Not only that, but you’ll also be required to buy a specially built charger to charge the battery. However, it wouldn’t be an issue if you have enough time and $$.

Note: Before buying a Li-Po pack, make sure you’re going to buy a suitable replacement because it’s essential.

Once you upgrade your battery with a Li-Po pack, you can realize that your entire car’s weight has become a bit thinner, which will make your car faster.

Well, now follow the next tips,

Replace The Motor If Needed.

A motor plays an essential role in making an RC car more speedy. But if your vehicle’s engine doesn’t come with the ability to provide high-performance, you’ll not be able to get the correct speed.

According to your idea, if you notice that your motor is not performing well, don’t take a moment to change that. 

In my opinion, if you’re currently using an RC car powered by a brushed motor, you might not be able to get the best of your car’s performance. 

Instead, you can use a brushless motor because brushless motors are the best and perfect solution for boosting a car’s overall speed, albeit for a price, but I think they are good enough!

So, use a brushless motor, Don’t be afraid to look at the price, Then end up hoping to get something better.

Change Your Tires.

You can’t expect good performance from the wrong and long-used tires, and they will slow down your vehicle when driving the car on-road or off-road.

When it comes to making an RC car faster, one of the key points you should keep in mind that you should change your old or decay tires because it’s essential to make your vehicle smooth on the road.

You should also keep in mind that choose your car’s tires based on your need, know where you want to drive it, and then decide which type of tires will be useful for you.

For instance, if you’re going to get an overall good speed on the road or tarmac, slicks will be a better option for you. And for slippery grass, complete spikes would be the ideal pick, and mini pins will be the best for carpet.

Moreover, for an all-round grip, mini spikes will be the okay solution. But always make sure you’re using high-quality tires with your car. 

Fair to say that if you’re using a car with the best battery, lightweight body, and don’t have any right tires, you’ll not be able to make your car faster as you want.

If you ask me to suggest the right tires, I will recommend using a more significant size tire because large tires work well when it comes to boosting up any car’s speed, 

Large-sized tires can cover enough ground per turning, which will automatically increase the core speed, but large-sized tires come with some extra weight. 

So when choosing the tires, make sure you’re going to buy tires with low weight as possible as you can.

Adjust the Gear Ratio.

Adjusting your car’s gear ratio is one of the easiest methods to make your car faster, so in addition to following other ways, you should also look into this.

There are mainly two gears on your car, the first one is called pinion gear, and the last one is called spur gear.

The higher the teeth count on the pinion gear, the fast the car will run, so make sure you’re using the higher teeth pinion gear.

On the other hand, the spur gear is the big plastic gear which the pinion gear turns. When you adjust it, it will also give you a top speed as well as faster acceleration. 

Lessening the spur size will provide you satisfying speed but low acceleration, while growing the measure will result in quicker acceleration with fewer high-speed.

So, I will say, if possible, change both for a better result.

Reduce The Body Weight.

Reducing extra weight from your RC car can help you for getting the fastest driving experience. 

So don’t carry any different things with your car during driving. And if possible, try to use a vehicle that is made with lightweight materials such as light carbon, aluminum, and graphite.


At the ending moment of sharing this “how to make an RC car fast” article, I hope you’re now ready to make your car faster yourself by following these useful tips. 

If you’re still facing any issues, let me know in the comment box, I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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