How To Start A Nitro Rc Car For The First Time?

I know you love to play a game with a Nitro Rc car, but if you are new at this and don’t know how to start a Nitro Rc car for the first time, you may lose your confidence continuously!

Although you can search on the internet and lots of guides and tutorials on this same topic, this guide can help you a lot, because here I have tried my best to explain the matter deeply and clearly! 

Before you jump into the entire content, you may need to notice some facts! These are:

  • Before starting the car, you have to make sure that your car’s engine is suitable for your weather, too much cold can make the process difficult!
  • You have to have some common skills on it so that at least you can know how a nitro engine works!
  • You’ll also make sure that you have enough time to follow the complete guide, one single mistake can make you unsuccessful!

Now let me tell you the required tools that you’ll need for this task!

  • A small flat screwdriver
  • A glow plug wrench
  • Glow, Plug Wrench,
  • Flat Screwdriver
  • A small Phillips screwdriver
  • A normal Phillips screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • A 1.5mm hardened tipped hex wrench
  • Hex Wrench
  • These might be enough for the project!

If you’re a busy reader, just play the video below to see the whole process in a short time practically!

Once you’re ready with these needed tools, now you should follow the guide below carefully!

Step #1:

If you look at the screws of your nitro car, you may notice that the car is using metal screws, so you have to carefully airtight between the engine, manifold and exhaust!

If you forget to tighten them properly, the car engine will be too difficult to run, for example, you can tighten all the screws until you feel it squeeze.

But there is a huge possibility that screws will collapse as a result of the extra pressure, so stay away from it and tighten the screws as much as you need

Step #2:

When you adjust the Idle Screw, you should turn off your radio handset because it can make some issues!

Remember, the more air you let into your car engine, the quicker your car will run, Because the more air you circulate, the more oxygen you will produce!

Step #3:

 Now in this step, you’ll need to connect the high speed primary needle with your engine. At the same time, 

Your other low speed needle will be pre-setted correctly at the factory, but you don’t need to connect it, but you have already connected it, you have to set it back!

Step #4:

Take a little help from your glow plug wrench and try to remove the glow plug from the top of the car’s engine. This will help to pull simply and your engine will just make a little bit prepping noises as well!

Holding the flywheel, pull the pull-start a little bit to make it loose and needs tightening. If everything goes well, then follow the next step!

Step #5:

Unflood Your Engine, and Check Your Glow Start And Glow plug, and finally Prime & run The Engine!


At the end of the guide on How To Start A Nitro Rc Car For The First Time, I hope the video and tutorial shared on this page will help you a lot with your needs!

If you have any query, simply let me know via the comment box below! Will try to help you!

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