How to start home vegetable gardening from scratch

In today’s world where food prices rising many people trying to save money due to the economy.  Home vegetable gardening is a big way to help the economy in recent years. Many vegetable seed companies report sales are 30-50% which indicates that more people are growing their own vegetables.

Home vegetable gardening is a very rewarding hobby that can bring great joy to anyone’s life. In some ways it enables you to get some free exercise, and bring the entire family together. Although it may not sound exciting it absolutely great that you will get fresh veggies which grown by you. As they are organic you will love the sweet, juicy flavors and vibrant textures of that vegetables and fruits. In this article we will give you some basics of home vegetable gardening. There are some cheaper ways and key points to get into home vegetable gardening.

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Right Location selection:

The first and foremost key point for home vegetable gardening is picking the right and good location. An appropriate place for gardening will result in super fresh veggies! Here are some tips to choose a good site

Sunny spot: 

Whether most vegetable gardens need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. There are a few veggies like leafy ones that can’t tolerate more sunlight instead of some shade. So you have to put a right seed in the right position.

Well drain coverage area: 

You have to pick the right place like drained soil where the water can easily drainage. To increase drainage you can put plant veggies in a raised bed or raised row. The soil can be neither wet nor rocky.  As both of this feature of soil will interfere of plant root growth.

Not too windy: 

You have to avoid those strong windy places that could cause damage to your young plants. You have to keep in mind too many foot traffic areas that are not perfect at all for your home vegetable gardening. Also, ignore easily flood areas.

Nutrient-rich soil:

As we all know that soil feeds plants. So how healthy the plant will be decided by how much nutrient–rich the soil is.  If you put your seed in nutrient-poor soil, you will get poor unhealthy plants. To make the nutrient–rich soil you have to mix in plenty of organic matter that will help plants grow properly.

Choosing a Plot Size:

 You can start with small because it is better to be proud of a small garden owner instead of a frustrated owner of a big one. One of the most common mistakes that beginners do is planning too much in very small time. That’s why everyone should plan their home vegetable gardening with care. First, you can only grow that vegetable which you and your family members will eat.

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Here are some plotting size ideas for your home vegetable gardening.

  1. If you are planning for a ground of 10” x 10” is a well manageable size. You can grow up to 5 of your favorite vegetable here. You have to harvest 3 to 5 plants of each vegetables to get better result.
  2. If you are planning to start with a raised bed of 4”x 4” or 4” x 8” is also a good size. This plotting size is the best for beginner.
  3. If you are planning to go with bigger ground for your home vegetable gardening then 12” x 24” is perfect size. This size is biggest for any first time gardener.

Finally whatever will be the size of your garden you have to make sure you can easily step to the garden. Make sure that you can reach the center of the plants to weed and harvest them properly.

Choosing right vegetables:

As a beginner, you should start with easy vegetables that are productive. You can also contact your state cooperative extension service to know which plant is best for your area. Here are the top 10 easy vegetable lists given below.

  • Lettuce
  • Green beans
  • Radishes
  • Tomatoes 
  • Zucchini
  • Peppers
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Chard ,Spinach or Kale
  • Peas.

There is some key note for choosing right vegetables:

*You should plant those vegetables which you and your family like most. For example you can plant green beans because kids love this.

* You should be realistic about how many vegetables your family will eat. Never overplant as it is easy for you to taking care of small instead of tons of plants.

* You should consider the availability of veggies at grocery store during choosing right vegetables to plant. You can grow herbs at your home vegetable gardening that are less expensive than grocery store herbs.

* You should be prepared to take care of your plants throughout the growing season. Tomatoes and zucchinis are grown best at middle summer. For example if you go for your summer vacation you need to appoint someone to look after the garden. On the other hand you could just grow the cool season vegetables and crops.

* You have to use high quality seeds to plant. You can buy seed packets that are less expensive than individual plant.

* If there any issue with birds and rodents eating your veggies and plant. You can cut up an old garden hose and place it in three or four feet segments. Birds and animals will often mistake by sense them snakes and steer clear of your garden. You can also involve your kids to this by asking them to paint the hoses to look even more like snakes.

Finally, we can say that if you had grown your  home vegetable garden in very first year it will be thrilled.  If you plan your home vegetable gardening this way it would be so much easier for you to succeed with it. Happy home vegetable gardening

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