How to use kotatsu table in 2022? The ultimate guide

The kotatsu table is a Japanese tradition that involves making the room temperature comfortable.

Kotatsu comes in different forms, such as the portable ones, which are useful for outdoor events.

Kotatsu is a table with a heated blanket placed over it. This table helps you to feel warm in a cold winter.

 If you are planning to buy a kotatsu table or you are already using a kotatsu table, you should read this article.

The outdoor kotatsu  can be made much stronger than indoor models.

And, they can be made so they won’t tip over even if accidentally hit by a strong gust of wind.

 A good way to make the most out of your outdoor kotatsu is to use it as a buffet table.

This will let your guests serve themselves and not have to ask for someone else to cut them a piece of cake or cheese or whatever.

Another great idea is to use an outdoor kotatsu as an informal meeting place.

In this article, we have explained some of the most recent trends in kotatsu tables, including their design and installation methods.

On the whole, these trends make a lot of sense. Below we mentioned the key point of kotatsu table.

  1. what is a kotatsu table
  2. How a Kotatsu Table works
  3. how to use a Kotatsu Table
  4. Is it dangerous to use a kotatsu?
  5. How to maintain Kotatsu table
  6. Benefits of using kotatsu table
kotatsu table

what is a kotatsu table?

Indeed, it is something that was born in Japan and has been very popular there ever since.

It’s a wooden table placed directly on a layer of insulating material, it warms you from below while allowing the cool air to circulate freely above.

Well, heat rises; that’s why things warm up from the bottom up. However, when something is insulated, heat can’t just rise straight through it.

That’s why a layer of insulating material is needed. Thus, a kotatsu table works because it has a layer of insulating material (usually straw mats) directly under the table top.

How a Kotatsu Table works

The Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese paper folding craft using graphite or charcoal, created with two pieces of parchment covered board.

It is an elevated multiple wooden desk that has a removable top book cloths filled with wheat paste.

In order to read or write with one climber and have your feet propped on another so you can still see what you’re doing without looking down.

If you can see your feet when you’re sitting, then they won’t freeze and hurt too badly on winter days when you’re forced to sit in the kotatsu.

how to use a Kotatsu Table

Kotatsu tables are tables with a blanket and a heater placed under them.

In the winter time, Japanese people used to sit under the table and enjoy the warmth of the table.

Nowadays, kotatsu are used in homes and offices. They are useful not only in the winter but also in the summer.

Here are some uses of this table

  1. Start by heating a Kotatsu table top on low heat to leave the plastic shrink-wrap in place
  2. Lay cloth over table and spray non-stick oil all over your clothes; now cover you with it, you instantly feel much softer than before.
  3. Wait for plastic wrap finshed melting the feeling is temptation powerful just look at that dry cold concrete floor.
  4. Slide table top toward you and wait for lift up! (Some of you will have to remove lighters from table).
  5. Lighter in the middle, can now add on bottles along with your food and drinks! also great for tea parties as well with food and drinks.. Ready to drink from top pots
  6. NOW SHIFT TOWARD YA! (make sure you are seated in center of table like a princess on her throne)

Is it dangerous to use a kotatsu?

This table is a tradition that involves making the room temperature comfortable. Kotatsu comes in different forms, such as the portable ones, which are useful for outdoor events.

 This table has been popular in Japan for many years now and has also become a popular way to keep warm during cold weather.

In short, it is. Occasionally that might be okay because you’re doing a lot of work at home by yourself.

On the other hand kotatsus are dangerous after they break, So check before use!

Be careful with your legs while rubbing one leg between two hot platens until the next day’s fever sets in then sleep till noon since.

kotatsu table

Benefits of using kotatsu table

Kotatsu table is a Japanese low wooden table frame covered by futon or blanket.

You can lay under a table frame with a blanket and a table top on you. Here we have presented kotatsu with some benefits.

 Kotatsu table is usually used with heating system where you can control how to heat your body.

A kotatsu table is a Japanese-style electric table with an electric heater under a blanket.

One of the most important benefits of the kotatsu table is it can warm up the entire body.

Especially in winter, it is healthy and warm to sit under the kotatsu table. It’s hot during winter because it’s the hottest one, needs a help from others during this time

It can lead our life with cold situation due to that reason there is heated kotatsu table which maintains our body temperature at normal level all year.

but also does not make us feel uncomfortable as other things in free time.

Despite of its look you need energy like any chair when you sit down on comfortably So let’s consider care where I sat down showing a feeling of a chair.


In summary, the kotatsu is a great way to make the room temperature comfortable. They are also a great way to enjoy the outdoors without freezing.

They are reasonably priced and come in different shapes and sizes to match your needs.

You can choose the best kotatsu table based on your personal preference.

Nowadays, you don’t have to deal with all the hassle and mess of moving, installing and setting up a kotatsu table.

 The modern portable kotatsus are easy to carry and set up. They also provide great comfort.

To prevent condensation from forming on the glass panes of the kotatsu table, make sure that you put newspapers under it before setting up your table.

To keep your feet warm while sitting on the kotatsu table, wear socks and boots.

It is also a great way to keep warm on a cold winter day. However, it is important to take care while setting up this table.

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