Importance of AMP Technology in Search Engine Marketing

The recent statistics are showing that mobile traffic has increased up to 504% in 2020 as compared to 2011. Its reason is that more and more people are using mobile phones to get access to the content. That’s why we need to optimize our websites for mobile results. Due to the importance of mobile optimization for the SEM (Search Engine Marketing), we can get help from Google AMP technology. If you will implement Google AMP technology on your website, you can easily enhance the SEO and mobile performance of your website.

What Is AMP Technology?

Google has launched AMP technology in 2016. With the help of AMP technology, Google has provided the open-source and web-based solution to the webmasters to enhance mobile content consumption. After enabling this technology on your website, you can make sure that your website will load instantly on the mobile devices. When you will implement this technology on your website, it will also appear differently in the SERP. It means that Google will show the AMP lightning bolt with these results in the SERP. With the help of this bolt, the viewers can get an idea that this web page will load faster than other non-AMP web pages. According to experts, Google AMP pages are loading four times faster than other mobile-optimized pages. Moreover, these pages consume less data than other pages.

Is AMP Essential?

Before knowing the importance of the AMP technology in search engine marketing, we should try to know either it is essential for a business website or not. Here, we will discuss some key points that will show the importance of the AMP technology on your website.

  • The publishers who have to publish news articles or blog posts on their websites, they have to use AMP technology. Anyhow, if the majority of your website doesn’t contain articles, you don’t need this technology.
  • If you have to publish a high volume of the articles on your website, your website may have to face the problem of lazy loading. Under such a situation, you should also make use of the AMP technology for your website.
  • The AMP technology will show the simpler and clearer pages to the readers. For this reason, it can suppress the functions of some plugins. If you are relying on third-party tools for lead capturing, you should make sure that the AMP technology will show these functions. If AMP technology will not show these functions, you don’t need to use AMP technology.
  • If you are thinking that you can enhance the ranking of your website just by using AMP technology, it is not true. Its reason is that it is not a ranking factor. Along with implementing this technology, you should also focus on other ranking factors.
  • If you have already taken the mobile optimization measures, it is not necessary for you. Its reason is that if you will use it with other mobile optimization measures, you may complicate the performance and reporting of your website.

Importance of AMP technology in Search Engine Optimization:

No doubt, AMP technology is helpful for a website to enhance its loading time and to provide a better experience to the users. Along with these benefits, there are also some other benefits of AMP technology. Here, we will discuss the importance of the AMP technology in search engine optimization.

AMP Technology Can Increase The Engagement Rate Of A Website:

When you will implement the AMP technology on your website, your website will show lightweight AMP content to the users. The users can easily get access to the content of your website with a stable internet connection. When users will get instant access to the content of your website, this thing can enhance the loading time of your website. Moreover, there are also chances that visitors will stay on your website for a longer time.

It Can Improve Ranking And Traffic:

As we know that faster loading time of a website is a ranking factor for the search engines. That’s why the AMP technology will also send a positive signal to the search engines. For example, if two websites are neck-to-neck in the ranking, Google will give importance to faster websites.

Lower Bounce Rate:

According to experts of dissertation help firm, if pages of your website are loading fast, visitors will spend more time on your website. According to Google, if your website is taking too much time in loading the pages, 53% of the visitors will leave your website. On the other hand, the webmasters who have implemented AMP technology on their websites can encourage visitors to spend more time on their websites. If visitors are spending more time on your website, you can get more conversions from the content of your website. Moreover, it can also decrease the bounce rate of a website. Due to the lower bounce rate, Google’s algorithms consider that you are providing the best quality content to the users.

AMP Technology Can Increase Ad Views:

When you will implement AMP technology on your website, it will enhance the HTML coding of your website. Due to the enhancement in the HTML coding, you can also enhance the usability of the banners and images. This thing will also increase the viewability for the ads. When publishers will apply for the monetization of this website, they can get instant approval.

Higher CTR:

As we know that higher CTR is also a ranking factor for a website. Most of the websites can’t get the higher ranking in the search engines due to the lower CTR. By implementing AMP technology on your website, you can also enhance its CTR. After implementing the AMP technology on your website, Google will show your website in the Top Stories List of the Google Mobile SERP. It means that your website will get a chance to appear at the top of the search results. When it will appear at the top of the search results, users will try to click on these pages. When they will click on these pages, you can easily enhance the CTR of your website.

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