Remote Control Car for Baby (A Complete Guide)

Buying a Remote Control Car For Your Baby means you’re going to make your baby happy with a dream toy!

So choosing the perfect one may not be an easy thing because there are several different RC cars in the market, but which one will meet your baby’s needs might be a challenge. 

Here I’ve shared a comprehensive guide on Remote Control Car For Baby, and finally, I’ve shown a shortlist of some of the most popular RC cars that can be your baby’s choice.

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Remote Control Car for Baby

Kids are tender-hearted, so every single gift from you must-be useful and funny. Otherwise, they will not accept your gift, no matter how expensive the gift is.

Now come to the main point, when it comes to gifting an RC car to your baby, the first issue is how you can identify that you’re going to pick a perfect one. Second, it is ideal for your baby, and finally, is that price acceptable for that car and more.

So the first point is,

How to ensure the car has quality:

To ensure the RC car is good, you need to know who designed that car. Yes, I’m talking about the car brand. Before your purchase, make sure you’re going to pick a product from the well-reputed brand.

Knowing a bit about the company will give you a lot of confidence in the company. Below I’ve shared a list of the most popular RC car-making brands.

Who Makes The Quality RC Car For A Baby?

I’ve found that the current markets have a lot of company that makes well-performed RC car for baby, but I will only list them who is the best among the hundreds of companies.

#1. Exceed

They are well-known as one of the cheapest RC car-making companies in the market. All of their cars are affordable, but one issue is they often need spare parts and a rather good level of management.

I will only suggest this brand if you think you don’t have enough ability to spend a lot of money and you are willing to pay 10 dollars for home delivery every time a few pieces break.

#2. Traxxas

This Traxxas mainly produce the most durable and fast RC car, and if you have one from the brand, you’ll only rarely require to replace worn or broken parts. But the price range of the Traxxas cars and trucks is quite expensive to buy.

The price starts at about $300, and one of the most common issues with all of the products from the brand is they do not always include a battery pack and charger. You have to buy them separately.

#3. Tamiya

If you’re looking for a classic RC car-making brand, I will highly suggest the Tamiya brand because it has made well-quality cars for more than 30 years. 

On average, they start around 200 dollars but are reasonably more leisurely than other companies for that price due to the classical low-tech design.

#4. HPI

HPI makes good RC cars, but they are not as popular as other brands on the list. They are too expensive; however, all of their car’s parts are durable and reliable, you’ll not require much replacement.

Knowing about the brands before buying your RC car is not enough for you. It would help if you also keep your eyes on some major things, such as overall speed, car size, power source, and price.


Statically, according to Guinness World Records, a custom-designed remote control car can go up to 325km per hour. The report was generated in 2014.

There is no doubt that the record was done with an electric RC car because an electric RC is more powerful than a fuel-powered car, but a battery-powered car’s speed always depends on the battery’s power.

But when you buy one for your baby, make sure you have picked a car that can go up to 5-10km/h.


You may believe that compact-sized cars are the best for a baby, but I’m not agreed with you, because it depends on your baby if they love to play with a big toy, then ok, try a big one, but for any reason, if they prefer a compact toy, give him/her a small-sized one.

Power-Source: Electric and Nitro

There are two types of power-sources used in the RC car, Eclectic and Nitro, so let’s clear them. 

Electric: They are much cheaper than Nitro power-source and clean, and they need less maintenance. An electric-powered car always has faster acceleration in general.

But one of the most common issues with the source is you’ll need to wait for endless hours to recharge the battery. One more issue is that they offer limited run times, and if you use a brushless motor with your car, then keep in your mind that brushless motors are expensive.

Nitro: If you prefer a Nitro-powered RC car for your baby, your baby will be happy with its long run times and nice sound. But you’ll need to buy gas once it is finished.

If you already have a Nitro-Powered car, you may know that the smells are a bit bad, and one more thing is all the Nitro-powered cars are more expensive than an electric RC car.

You’ll also notice that a Nitro-powered RC car is a bit complex to maintain and use. It would be best if you also were serious when you drive the car because the cars contain gas.

Two Most Powerful Remote Control Cars For Baby:

1. Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car

As the first pick of suggesting you the perfect remote control car, I’ve tried to show the best one for your baby, which is the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car.

This pack is one of the most popular items that are completely suitable for a three-year-old baby. The pack comes with two RC cars, and they have different frequencies so you can easily race. 

One of the pack’s noticeable features is both cars come together in the set, and the company of the cars has set up different frequencies on each car, which means you can control them with any frequency issue. 

The controlling remote is quite simple to use, so your baby can manage easily with minimal help. And it would be an ideal gift for your 3-4 years babies because when they push the buttons, the cars will make music.

The car-size is compact and remote, so your kids can operate them easily, and the complete package includes four plastic removable small figures, two for each car.


2. Haktoys Remote Control Stunt Car

Are you looking for a longer playtime remote control car for your crazy baby? I should suggest this one! Because this stunt car comes with a USB charger, and it just takes 1-1.5 hours to charge fully.

While others offer you just about 10-20 minutes of run time, this Haktoys Remote Control Stunt Car plays an important role in this point, and the car has the ability to provide you up to 25-30 minutes of enjoyable playtime.

For added safety, all the RC cars from this brand come with an integrated, flexible, and bendable antenna, while others only offer a thin metal antenna.

There is an option called music on/off for a fast play option. But I think the most interesting part of this car is you will don’t need to remove your car’s battery, and it’s rechargeable and durable too. 

But the sad thing is there is no battery included with the pack, you will need to buy the battery separately, but I can say that the controller needs 2/1.5V ‘AA’ size battery.



The RC cars might be the most delightful gift for your baby or might be a dream. So finding a good one from the current market requires a little bit of research before your purchase.

I hope the guide on Remote Control Car For Baby was quite helpful for you. Make your decision from the page and make your baby happy!

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