The 5 best social media agencies in Singapore

Social media is no longer just a group of social networking sites. It is now a platform where businesses of all sizes can promote their brand and products or services. Some businesses can handle their social media marketing on their own. However, there are several companies that can’t maximize their marketing potential through social media. That is why most of them employ the social media agency Singapore services.

Social media marketing Singapore companies are prevalent in this era. Singapore, in particular, has a lot of digital marketing agencies that offer social media services. They help not only local SMEs in Singapore but also other countries that have access to their services. In this article, we will talk about the 5 best social media agencies in Singapore.

#1 – Kobe Global Technologies

If you are looking for the leading social media agency Singapore firm, Kobe Global Technologies is the one. This award-winning company focuses on social media and influencer marketing. They connect their clients with several relevant social media celebrities such as Instagrammers, YouTubers, and bloggers. Their services enable businesses to build their brand image and engage their target market through social media. They push their clients’ audience to talk about their company through various social media platforms. They have been around since 2016 which makes it very impressive since they immediately become a leading social media company. Furthermore, they continuously improve their social media marketing Singapore tactics to adapt to the ever-changing trends.

#2 –  Agency J

Another great social media agency Singapore business is Agency J. They are a very niche-specific agency since they target clients in the education field. Some of their clients include universities and colleges. They have also worked with boarding schools and even public schools. College consulting companies and Test Prep centers also seek their social media marketing Singapore services. Even skill-specific schools like music, martial arts, or culinary schools are targeted by Agency J. They make sure that through social media marketing, more and more students are encouraged to enroll in these schools. They utilize superior positioning, effective messaging, and targeted traffic to bring in measurable return on marketing investment.

#3 – Digital Business Lab

Another good social media agency Singapore enterprise is the Digital Business Lab. This company focuses on social media strategies, influencer marketing, and video production. They also have a base in Hong Kong which allows them to dominate the Asian market. They can effectively market on any social media platform not only those developed in the western countries but also Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. 

Digital Business Lab puts a lot of effort into understanding every target market’s user habits, cultures, and languages. This is so they can effectively formulate a social media marketing Singapore strategy that can attract Singaporeans. That is also what they do with their clients from other countries. As of now, they have worked with businesses in the luxury, cosmetics, entertainment, automotive, food and beverage, and retail industries since 2013.

#4 – Digital Alpha Agency

Another niche-specific social media agency Singapore company is the Digital Alpha Agency. This marketing firm is an expert in helping health and fitness businesses. It was founded by marketers from the Gen-Z era in 2018. Thus, this social media marketing Singapore team is composed of people that are very familiar with the trends of the social media age. They know how companies can stay relevant. They make sure that all their marketing promotions will resonate well with the target audience of their clients. Thus, businesses can ensure that despite being a young firm with young experts, they can deliver quality services.

#5 – MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd

One of the oldest and dominating social media agency Singapore firms is none other than MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd. This corporation has been around since 1983. They are a digital marketing company that offers a complete range of marketing solutions. One of their highly-recommended services is social media marketing. They have worked with international clients from across Southeast Asia. They have also participated in many marketing events where most of their staff members are asked to be resource speakers. Since they are the best in social media marketing Singapore promotion, many businesses want to work with them.

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These are only 5 of the best social media agencies in Singapore. As stated, there are plenty more social media agency Singapore options. They can also provide quality social media marketing services. Furthermore, they can give affordable prices and flexible fees depending on the size of your business and target audience. Another good suggestion for a social media marketing Singapore firm is Digital Solutions. Inquire with them today by heading to their website’s contact page.

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