The complete beginner’s guide for personalised employment pass Singapore

If you are planning to work in Singapore, you will need to get an employment visa issued by the Ministry of Manpower. To get an employment visa in Singapore, you need to have an employer sponsor your application. That is why it is a must that you have a definite job in Singapore before you apply. While most of the work visas, especially the employment pass Singapore visa, will need you to get a job in Singapore first, there are passes that won’t. One of the passes that don’t need employer sponsorship is the personalised employment pass Singapore visa. 

The personalised employment pass Singapore visa or PEP is a professional work visa that won’t need you to get a job in Singapore first. That is because this pass allows the holder to apply for jobs in Singapore when he or she has arrived in the country. Many foreigners want to be a PEP holder but it is more stringent compared to the employment pass Singapore visa. If you wish to know more about the PEP, here is a complete beginner’s guide for it. 

Benefits of the PEP

Although the personalised employment pass Singapore requirements are stringent, the benefits it provides are still very promising. A PEP holder is not tied to an employer. This means that if they want to switch jobs, they don’t need to cancel their pass. Unlike an employment pass Singapore holder, a PEP holder can switch jobs freely. Thus, they have more flexibility in their employment in Singapore.

Another benefit of being a PEP holder is that they are immediately eligible to apply for certain privileges. Unlike the employment pass Singapore visa, the PEP visa doesn’t need to meet salary conditions to be able to get a Dependent’s Pass. That is because being a PEP holder has a high salary qualification which makes it easy for the PEP holder to bring their family to Singapore. Aside from that, a personalised employment pass Singapore holder can buy or rent properties, get health insurance, be a saver at Singaporean banks, and even apply for permanent residency.

Eligibility of the PEP

The main qualification to be a PEP holder is to have a high-skilled job. This means that middle-skilled and low-skilled workers can’t apply for this work visa. Similar to the employment pass Singapore eligibility criteria, one must be either a manager, an executive, or a professional in a major field. The difference is that the personalised employment pass Singapore eligibility criteria requires a higher salary limit. 

To be eligible for the PEP, a foreigner must have a last drawn fixed monthly salary in his or her home country of at least $18,000. The salary limit is only $12,000 if the applicant is an employment pass Singapore holder. The high salary qualification is the main reason why many find it difficult to get a PEP. However, if you get this covered, you will become eligible for the PEP.

The personalised employment pass Singapore application process 

The application process for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa is relatively easy. For one thing, it can be done online through the portal of the Ministry of Manpower. The candidate can apply for it by filling out the form and submitting the required documents for the PEP. Once approved, the next steps are done once the PEP candidate is in Singapore.

Similar to the employment pass Singapore application, the PEP applicant must get the passcard issued. Then, he or she will need to register for thumbprints and photos that will be included in the ID card. Once the card is available, it will be delivered to the PEP holder in Singapore. If this is too much for the candidate to handle, they can hire an employment visa company to do this for them. 

PEP conditions

Aside from the eligibility criteria, there are also personalised employment pass Singapore conditions that applicants must meet. For example, if they switched jobs, employers, or change residency, they need to notify the Ministry of Manpower immediately. They can do this by submitting a notification form. Furthermore, they need to declare their annual salary every year and the amount must not be less than $144,000. Failure to do any of these PEP conditions will lead to repercussions like force cancellation of pass.

Need help with the PEP application?

The personalised employment pass Singapore visa may have strict rules and requirements. It is still one of the best work visas to have in the country. As mentioned, an applicant doesn’t have to be alone in the application process for the PEP. They can avail the services of employment visa firms like Ren Ai Group. Ren Ai Group, in particular, aids applicants in the PEP application and makes sure that they will get approved. To find out how they can help, visit their website and learn more about their other employment pass Singapore services. 

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