How To Make A Rc Car Ramp Out Of Cardboard?

Making an RC car Ramp out of cardboard is simple, anyone can make it, but do you know how to make an RC car ramp out of cardboard?

If the answer is no, I’m here to help you with this subject, Here I’ll share with you how to do that and finally give you some useful tips that you can follow when you drive your car on it.

Why Should you make your own RC car Ramp?

The primary reason behind this could be the price, I mean if you’re going to buy a ready-made Ramp to drive your RC car on it, you’ll need to pay a huge amount of money.

So it’s better to make a Ramp yourself, let me show you some additional benefits of making an RC car Ramp out of cardboard. 

Cheap: if you’re going to make a Ramp yourself, you’ll just need some basic things, which are low cost and some are free, but if you’re going to buy a ready-made one, you have to pay more.

Design: Ready-made Ramps are already created and ready for sale, so there is no chance to customize them, but when you decide to make them, you can design it as you want.

Size: if you have a large RC car, you’ll require to buy a Ramp that can cover your car, which is costly, on the other hand, you can design a Ramp based on your car size at a low cost, and you can also select your preferred size.

Well, now you’re ready to make the project, But before you go to the main part, you’ll require some basic things.

You’ll need,

  • A box (box size doesn’t matter)
  • A scissors (you can also use a box cutter for this project)
  • A straight edge like a ruler.
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape

Ok, I assume that you have all these things in your hand now, and want to go to the next step,

Step #1: 

When you have all these things, the first thing you will need to take is tape your box open side, to do that, simply rotate your box until the open side is facing up.

Step #2: 

Then close the 2 shorter flaps in and 2 longer ones, and then unroll a piece of tape that is 2-3” longer than the biggest side of the box, and cut it with a cutter.

There you can use a compact size of tape that will keep your box shut momentarily.

Step #3: 

At this point, you’ll need to cut the box carefully according to your needs. First, lay your box and take a ruler and place it on your box from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.

Now draw a perfect line where the ruler is by a pencil. Now place the ruler from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. And finally cut these pointed lines.

Once you complete the entire steps carefully, you’ll have 2 ramps,  it’s good to put the two ramps together so that you can use them for better driving, so


Although playing with an RC car is one of the most enjoyable things, however, it will be more enjoyable when you drive your car on a Ramp.

I hope, now you’re clear on how to Make A Rc Car Ramp Out Of Cardboard, if you have any issue, feel free to comment below.

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