Best Remote Control Car for Toddlers!

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An RC car is one of the enjoyable devices for your kids. That’s why you may want to buy one you can use as a gift for your children.

But what’s the solution to get the best remote control car for toddlers? Are there any good RC cars that would be the best choice for your kids?

If you didn’t get any solution yet, welcome, because here I’ve shared a list of the best toddler RC cars.

This list of the top picks will help you pick the right car, and I will also cover a buying guide for making the right decision.

Buying Guide: Remote Control Car for Toddlers

Before going to pick the perfect RC car, you may want to read a complete buying guide.

Type Of RC Vehicle For Your Toddlers:

If I only focus on the primary category, there are three types of vehicles that we can see in the market. Although many other types of vehicles besides them, cars, trucks, or buggies are the main.

But generally, all are referred to as RC “Cars” and Good to say that there are some differences between them. Let’s straightforwardly clear their difference.

Cars: This type of vehicle is more fun than other vehicle types. They can run up to a marvelous 100mph. Cars are perfect if you drive them on a smooth surface.

Buggies: They aren’t as fast as RC cars, but in terms of multipurpose vehicles, Buggies are the best option for your toddlers. You can drive trucks on any hard road or off-road, and even you can use them for off-road racing.

Trucks: Without any doubt, they are the best option for off-road action. They can handle rougher terrain than RC cars. You can also find some completely water-resistant models.

Price Range: 

This point is essential because when selecting an RC car, the price can be a fact. But I will suggest that if you’re a beginner, you should start at a low price.

But if you’re going to buy one for your older kids, you can then pick a speed and durable car at an expensive price range.

Fair to say that the most common and necessary RC cars start between $10 and $35, and more advanced models range between $100-$150. 

Power Source:

At this point, we can find two significant options, electric and nitro fuel. All the cars that are powered by electric power sources use rechargeable batteries. They are cheaper than nitro fuel.

On the other hand, nitro fuel-powered cars are more powerful and give more drive experience than rechargeable batteries.

Best RC Car For Toddlers

The below table can save time and give you an overall idea about all the products that we have highlighted in this post. 

  1. Amicool RC Cars Stunt Car: If your kids are more advanced than normal kids and the age is under 10, try it. 
  2. DEERC RC Car: Let your toddlers do more fun with the DEERC Remote control car.
  3. Ride-on Truck: A truck-type RC car with headlight, music features, and long runtime.
  4. EHO: Enjoy a fastest speed, compact and durable body for long term performance. 
  5. SLHFPX: Experience the latest radio frequency for an improved area converge. 

1. Amicool RC Cars Stunt Car Toy

The Stunt Car Toy is one of the compact size remote control cars for toddlers. With its 2.4GHz transmitter, you can smoothly control the vehicle. 

You can go out with your kids in the car and enjoy your family time and race with your friends.

Save money: It’s a money-saving and perfect RC car that is suitable for all ages. In addition to this, there is also some additional feature that you may love to read about the car below:

Anti-Interference: Due to having a 1/28 scale compact body size, The car is maneuvering in all directions in just a few moments with the help of its miniature and sleek remote that is created for both adults’ and kid’s hands.

Flipping and spinning capability: 360 Degree Flips & Spins: There are so many options you’ll find in the car while driving, such as double sides driving, turn left and right, forward, backward, 360 degrees tumbling, and more.

Soft Build-Quality: Non-toxic and tasteless environmental ABS plastic has been used as a car material. It’s durable enough for any long race.

Make it a Gift: Although it’s a multipurpose car, it’s highly recommended for use as a gift because it can benefit their continuing brain improvement.

Note: There is no battery included with the pack, and it’s not a car that supports battery rechargeable features. You have to buy a battery that is rechargeable if you want.

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2. DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Toys

The Deerc is one of the easy and straightforward RC cars for toddlers. With a 2.4GHz RC function, you can get a reliable speed during driving. Its features extend beyond former assembly toy cars.

Safe Electric Drill: The environmentally-friendly ABS material-made car can rotate both counterclockwise and clockwise for fast and straightforward car assembly.

Easy Installation: all the single parts and screws are fully removable, and wheels to install the whole car.

To give you peace of simple Installation and removal, each screw comes with a snap-fit position. You can develop your kids’ concentration and fine hand coordination while telling them the basics of RC car parts.

Lights With Realistic Sounds: These are additional features, but these are cool features for finding the best remote control car for toddlers.

These features are integrated to bring a pure driving experience to toddlers. Using the remote control, you can play three different simulated sound effects, which will attract you! 

Two Toy Drivers: The car also has two action figure drivers, so you can invite the driver figurine to add a truck, driving the car together.

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3. Ride-on Truck with Parent Remote Control

If you’re looking for an RC car created for a single child with a realistic foot pedal accelerator, the Ride-on Truck with Parent remote control would be a perfect choice.

If your kids aren’t getting any taste of driving, you can try this one because there are so many useful features that will help your toddler get the first taste of RC car driving.

Design: for your toddler’s convenience, it’s created with a foot pedal accelerator, LED headlight integrated, and it also comes with a built-in horn that makes the car one of the best options available on the market.

Remote and Manual Controlling Options: as a parent, if you would like to control the vehicle with the remote get will get with the pack, you can, 

If you want to control it manually, you read the user manual to learn more about maintaining an RC car for toddlers. 

Right to say that the remote comes with some useful features like forward & reverse controls, speed selection, and parking function.

Add Music: there is an option called AUX outlet. This feature will allow your kids to plug in media devices to drive while jamming to their music selection.

Powerful Battery: With a 6V powerful battery, you can charge it, and it will allow for hours of endless playtime that will make your toddlers happy!

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4. EHO Remote Control Car

Are you searching for something rounded and compact remote control car? The EHO is such a car that is made of a rounded shape for toddlers. 

Fastest Speed: A mini sized remote control car doesn’t mean that the speed of the car is slow. The fastest speed makes it easier for toddlers to join a racing competition. 

Since the car requires 4 AA batteries to run, it will make it faster than a standard toy car. The remote will be required to input 2 AA batteries.

ABS Material: It is made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material. Such a material offers an ideal balance of impact, heat, and  electrical characteristics to ensure a long performance. 

Rounded edge structure: To protect your toddlers from any unexpected injury, the company designed the car with a rounded edge design. 

Compact & Lightweight: Since the overall size of the car is only about 2.9 x 2.5 x 4.8 inch, it is considered a mini version with light weight. You toddlers will easily carry it and enjoy happy diving. 

Vivid design: Vivid design means a car that looks like a real-car to give kids a sense of controlling a real sports car, so that they can get a little bit of practical knowledge about how a real car is managed.

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5. SLHFPX Toddlers Toy

If you have boys and if the nature of your boys is normal, try the SLHFPX toddler-friendly toy-type remote control car as a gift. We’re not suggesting the model for girls as the design doesn’t go with the category. 

Unique look: It is designed with unique stickers all around the body with boy-forced design. There is an ideal combination between the attractive shape and brilliant color. 

Upgraded frequency: While most RC cars use 2.GHz radio frequency, this particular model is made with 2.7 GHz. so your kids can get an improved area coverage to control the car smoothly.

Four-Channel: Your kids can use the four channels to run the car by multiple commands such as forward, backward, left and right turns. 

Removable Parts: you can remove the front of the body to input the batteries. There is also a clip on the battery box that you need to remove before placing the batteries. 

The car requires 2 and the remote requires 2 AA batteries. Since batteries do not come with the box, you have to buy them separately from the market.

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How does a toy car remote control work?

There are some processes on how a toy remote control car works. When a user holds the transmitter to manage the toy and hits the button to start it, it sends radio waves to the receiver. 

Then the receiver receives the signals from the transmitter and starts the car’s motors inside the toy. 

Why let a toddler play with a remote control car

By using a remote control car, your kids can learn a lot of things, Because these vehicles teach young kids about cognitive improvement and fine motor skills, and more.

In addition to this, your kids will also learn how to move anything from different angles, cause, and effect. 

All the RC cars that are only designed for toddlers introduce toddlers to STEM concepts like motion, speed, and experimentation.

How Long Does An Rc Car Battery Last? 

it’s complex to say because it will depend on the type of your battery, but on average, a standard RC battery with fully charged will last for about 15-20 minutes maximum.

Best Age For Toddlers for Use an RC car:

The earliest suggested age is 1.5 years old, which means 18 months. But the perfect age for using an RC car for toddlers is three years. 


Your kids are your dreams. So you should make them happy by giving them an RC car for developing their basic knowledge.

Our review on the best RC car for toddlers will save you time and give you some idea on which one you should pick for your toddlers. 

Our final suggestion: The Amicool RC Stunt Car is the most advanced and powerful RC car for toddlers with full of features. 

On the other hand, the Ride-on Truck is considered an ideal option for those kids who just want to get started and want to know how to drive an RC car as it has manual and remote controlling options.

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