Types of RC Cars-All You Need To Know About

If you’re a kid or a mom of too many children and search for a good RC car online, the first thing you should look at is to know about the type of RC cars that are available in the current market.

This comprehensive blog post will guide you on this topic and let you know about the best types of cars that you can buy for your special needs.

So if you’re interested, stay connected with me until the end of the article to cover everything.

Types of Cars:

With the advancement of technology, various models and versions of remote control cars have been created, However, the cars that are found in the main category are buggies, touring cars, monster trucks, short-course trucks, and RC crawlers.

Well, assuming you just want to learn about the types of RC cars, but did you know that before knowing it you should understand the basis of an RC car size?

Maybe not!

No worry, because before I go into the main topic, I will cover that thing in the first section!

The Size of an RC Car

In general, a toy car is what we mean by a remote control car, but they come in many sizes and the hugely used car sizes are 1:8, 1:8, 1:10, and 1:12.

Most people and kids prefer the 1:8 size because this size is quite helpful for any beginner and professional as well.

But that’s not all sizes, in addition this, there are also some small-sized cars available in the market such as 1:28, and 1:64 which belong to toy-grade models.

These sizes are the most popular for kids because they can simply play with them and control them perfectly with a remote.

Well, Hope the size concept of an RC car is now clear to you, now let’s jump into the main point!

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What Are The Different Types Of Rc Cars?

As mentioned before, five types of RC cars we can find today, now let’s talk about them widely.

  1. Buggies

I’ll highly suggest this type of car if you’re looking for one that will go with any off-road terrains. The buggy type RC car is ideally suitable for any rocky environment, gravel, and muddy stretches.

  1. Touring 

Due to having 4 wheels on this type of car, it’s the best choice for your on-road car racing game, you can drive it on the carpet or asphalt.

This type is featuring a fewer deck and an upper deck to make the chassis avoid flexing. The default size of this type is 1:10.

The chassis of the type of car is created to drive on a flat surface and accurate to accelerate straightforwardly. 

But the only issue with this car is you can’t drive it off-road, but if you’re looking for the best RC car for on-road driving, the best option might be this one!

  1. Monster Trucks

The most powerful and perfect for use off-road, but the car needs a high-powerful battery to run, 2S 500mAh can ideally meet the actual needs for this car.

This type is generally larger than other types, and you can run it on the dunes, poodles, and grass as well.

But it’s not recommended for kids, because as we know, this type is most powerful and can be used for high-racing.

  1. Short-Course Trucks

If you just want to modify your car after your purchase, you can try this type. You can customize this type of car according to your needs.

It has 4 wheels that are completely protected by the bumpers and shell, which is great for the car’s entire frame. 

  1. Radio Controlled Crawler

A radio-controlled car is a special kind of RC car model that can be controlled by using a specialized remote from a specific distance.

This type of car is completely perfect for climbing uneven surfaces. They run slowly, but you can get the most enjoyable moment during your driving with a radio-controlled crawler car.


To sum up, RC cars are the best most enjoyable digital playing machine that can be used for racing or single playing.

So before buying them, you should know about the type of RC cars that I’ve already discussed in this guide.

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