How To Change Frequency On Remote Control Cars?

When it comes to controlling multiple remote control cars at once, you may feel happy to operate them, However, if your cars use the same frequency, you may not control them at the same time.

But don’t worry, here in this comprehensive guide on how to change frequency on remote control cars, I will try to share with you the best guide available online. 

Before you go into the full content, remember that changing your RC car frequency can be challenging without good ideas, but following a guide will solve all your issues. 

How does Radio Control work in an RC Car? 

Before you know the primary thing, you may need to know about this topic too. The essential elements of a Radio controlled car:

  1. Receiver: when someone commands for starting the car, a signal goes to the receiver from the transmitter and activates the motor of the car. The main job of an RC receiver is to accept commands from the transmitter. 
  2. Transmitter: This is an essential thing in an RC car that is mainly used to entirely control the car. It allows you to send radio waves to your receiver.
  3. Motos: it can turn wheels, steer the car, control propellers, and more, and finally, you need a power source to run the car.

If you have a bit of idea on these four essential things, you can now control your car balance. 

Now let’s come to the main point, what frequency do remote control cars use.

Well, if you search for an RC car online, you’ll see most of them run one of two frequencies, 49MHz or 27MHz. 

These two frequencies are created by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for small appliance RC car use.

Some of them are garage openers, hobby RC cars, and lighting systems. There are also some RC cars called advanced models that operate at 75MHz or 72MHz. 

But these are rarer than RC cars. The only reason why most RC cars run on an honor radiofrequency is that if they can run on a different frequency, there might be problems with radio signals used in wireless radio, television.

For that reason, before you run attempting to change your frequency, you must check the legality of changing the radio frequencies.

Well, now let me tell you something about how an RC controller works.

How Do RC Controllers Work?

When it comes to knowing how this works, the first role you need to know is that an RC controller runs by sending out electric impulses that correspond with pre-created actions into the receiver control board in the car.

An RC controller primarily runs off a different power source than an RC car, and here it is fair to say that a common power source for a car controller is a nine-volt battery. 

And on the other hand, an RC car runs off either a fuel-based mechanism or rechargeable battery. 

When you send an RF signal, your car’s receiving board will wirelessly pick up three electric pulses and make them into motorized action. And this also makes the car’s wheels propelling and active the brake as well as steering.

Note: if you own a crystal-controlled RC car and want to change the frequency to make them work well, you will require to change crystals in both your devices.

Requirements To Changing Frequency on an RC Car.

Want to change your car’s frequency because you’ve got two cars on the same frequency? If yes, then you don’t have to do anything more significant. All you need to do is modify the car a bit.

Some RC cars have selectable bands, which means they run on different frequencies within the 27MHz range. Among them, I’ve found six classic bands utilized in the USA for RC cars.

  1. Channel: 1 (26.995).
  2. Channel: 2 (27.045).
  3. Channel: 3 (27.095).
  4. Channel: 4 (27.145).
  5. Channel: 5 (27.195).
  6. Channel: 6 (27.255).

Following these bands, you can quickly flip the RC car’s created frequency from the non-appearance frequency to one of the excessive frequencies. 

As long as both cars are running on different channels on the same frequency area, your cars will not intervene with each other’s performances.

Or if you would like to try once to modify that in a transmitter to be received by a remote control car on the same frequency, it will depend on several different facts.

If your car’s board has a crystal, and the Cricut board on the transmitter doesn’t, then there is a chance that you won’t be able to modify the controller.

How to Change Frequency on a Remote Control Car?

To change RC cars’ frequency, you may need to follow a step-by-step guide to achieve the success you want. So follow the guide below:

Replace Your Motor: As the first step, you need to know about the motor your car is using, and if needed, a new one for better performance, Don’t be stingy there. 

Right to say that a brushless motor is ideal than a brushed motor because brushless motors produce more speed as well as your car’s productivity.

Moreover, a motor is an essential thing in an RC car, and also, it’s a guaranteed way for more speed and power. 

Adjust Your Steering Gear: plastic spur and metal pinion gear are two interlocked circular gears on an RC car. IIf you want to develop your car’s speed, then waste time in adjusted gear.

You can get help from a pinion gear that is made of steel, titanium, and aluminum. Generally, the higher teeth’ gear helps to improve a car’s speed. Try to use pinion gear.

Note: launching too many teeth at once can easily make the car’s temperature high. My suggestion would be a compact size pinion gear with low teeth.

On the other hand, A spur gear is an affordable gear made of plastic with a large body connected to the pinion gear. So use a smaller pinion with a large spur gear to get the best speed when driving the car.

Make It Lightweight: heavy parts can make your car more weighty, so when replacing any parts from your car, make sure you use lightweight parts. The method will increase your car’s speed more and make the car more lightweight.

Batteries Changing: When it comes to improving your car’s frequency by following the right way, changing your low-value Battery to a new one from your car can give you more comfort.

But there is the fact that the Battery is an expensive thing for an RC car and a bit challenging to use. But if you have enough money and the ability to read a user manual, you can buy a well-quality battery. 

Tires Changing: The tires play an essential role in better speed. But if you’re using the wrong tires, they can decrease your speed day by day, so it can be said that changing your defeating tires helps you to get a better result in frequency change.


Hopefully, this comprehensive guide was ideal for you to answer your question of How To Change Frequency On Remote Control Cars. So try to follow the process that I’ve already shared with you today!

Still, facing issues? Ask any question below using the comment box, and I will try to give you a better answer!

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