How to Plan a Perfect Floral Themed Bridal Shower?

We have all dreamt of our wedding day ever since we were little babies. But while growing up, if there’s one more day that we have dreamt to be perfect, then it has got to be the Bridal Shower- after all, it kind of marks the end of the unmarried period of our life and the beginning of a whole new beautiful chapter for us- our married life. It’s a beautiful day when we are surrounded by the women we love the most- our mom, girlfriends, sisters, female neighbors and colleagues, etc. It is a women-only event in celebration of the bride’s upcoming marriage. 

During the bridal shower, the soon-to-be-bride sits with everyone else and spends the day looking pretty, laughing, sharing stories, eating, opening presents, etc.- yes, we are talking about the presents that each guest is supposed to bring to the bridal shower. It can either be celebrated in an intimate manner with only the top 3-10 closest women of your life or it can be a grand affair where you spend the day with all the women in your life who have a good relationship with you. But ultimately, this day is all about you feeling special- so do whatever it takes for that.

It’s normally the maid of honor who plans the bridal shower along with the other bridesmaids- so, if you are the maid of honor for your sister’s or your best friend’s wedding and you are looking for ideas to throw a beautiful bridal shower to make this special lady in your life feel as loved and important as she deserves to feel, we have got some ideas for you. These ideas will make the bridal shower you are about to throw a very special and memorable event, not just in the bride’s life but for every guest as well. 

Ideas to throw a perfect floral themed bridal shower:

  • Select the most perfect venue

The venue can be anywhere beautiful and special. In fact, you can even do it at your house. Or you can rent a venue, or set up the bride’s place (but without showing it to her at first), or you can even do it at some far away destination. But before you plan everything else, make sure you have the venue confirmed. 

  • Select a theme

Selecting a theme for the bridal shower will not just make the event look more elegant and well-planned but will also make your job easier as well when it comes to planning the rest of the details. A floral theme would be perfect for an event as special as your loved one’s bridal shower and don’t even worry about getting premium quality flowers- now Online Flower Delivery in Mumbai and every other city is simple like never before.

  • Plan the guest list

Remember, even though you are the one throwing the party, it’s not your party- it’s for the bride. Therefore, while planning the event and especially during preparing the guest list, you have to keep this in mind at all times- you should not include someone who she is not close to or she isn’t fond of (even if you are). 

  • Choose the right flowers for the event 

Choose flowers that she likes and among those, choose the ones that would go the best with the theme. Pick up absolutely fresh flowers for this event- they would not just look great and add beauty to the venue but would also smell great and add some lovely fragrance to the space. Thus, these flowers have the power to make the event stand out and also will make the bride feel special. 

Decorate the venue with fresh beautiful flowers. Add some gorgeous fresh flower arrangements on the tables. In fact, you can even make a fresh flower tiara for the bride-to-be to make her feel like the queen that she is. Plus, when she arrives at the venue, greet her with a bouquet of fresh pretty flowers to remind her just how special she is and how loved she is by you and every other guest who is present at the venue. 

You can order Flowers bouquet or any other flower online and get fresh flowers delivered at your doorstep- no matter where you live. This will be one less thing that you have to worry about at the very last minute. 

  • Make arrangements for food and drinks

Keep the menu just the way she likes it. Include the cuisine she is fond of- after all, this day really is all about her. For an event like a bridal shower, the menu is usually short and simple but it’s totally up to you. 

  • Plan the party favours 

Again, don’t forget these aren’t really our guests- these people are coming because they love the bride and share a special bond with her. Therefore, make sure you arrange for some unique and amazing party favours for these guests so that they too feel special. Make it personalised and add a “Thank you” note with each as well for coming to the party- this really would mean a lot to them. 

Throw the most amazing bridal shower ever for this special lady in your life who has trusted you with the maid of honour title. She really deserves it!

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